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Birthers- So Much Crazy, So Little Time

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Somebody faked up a Kenyan birth certificate for President Obama. It is clearly a fake. It is signed by "E F Lavender"- a brand of detergent. The number of the document is 47O44, the President's age, the first initial of his last name, the 44th president. Don't get me started on where Mombasa was or Kenya's status as a nation at the time this document was supposedly created. Just look at the paper- I'm 33 years old and the replacement birth certificate I got at age 19 is more aged than that document that is supposedly more than twice as old.

The obvious nature of the forgery has been dealt with more than a few times, so I thought I'd examine the "thinking" process of the Birthers, as so eloquently stated on WND's comments section. The crazy, it is strong in these ones.

job2310 seriously underestimates the resources of a US president Has anyone considered that the reason Obama has allowed this to carry on may be because his people are desperatly searching for a way to create a "valid" certificate? Finding old stamps, old typrewriters, old paper, whatever. yeah. i could have found all those things in less than a week. it takes the POTUS over 6 months to do so? History tells us that men in this position will do whatever it takes to hold on to it. you mean like all the other presidents that left without problem at the end of their terms? Personally I don't believe he'll get canned, but he should. I wouldn't even be surprised to see the truth come out but some loophole used to keep him in office. The fact is, the mindless majority rules and the patriotic minority are slowly being stamped out. mindless, i'm mindless! he's patriotic. love the spin, buddy.

ji360114 warns of evil machinations. they're evil and they're machinations I read Joe Farah's delusional rantings column last week, which laid out a timeline regarding the O's birth and background. It was well done, but one thing still bothers me: How in the heck do we know that the whole story isn't a total lie? how do we know anything at all is real? ZOMG- ji360114 may not exist! Photos could be doctored to produce specific appearances, names could be invented, and a cast of characters produced to provide a scenic backdrop for the O's life from birth to the present. yes, because in today's world, you can just drop from the sky with an entirely invented life and no one will notice He once referred to his mother as a simple woman from Kansas. That is a lie. She was raised by hard-core Marxists, sent to a Marxist high school in or around a large city in Washington (state), and worked for the Ford Foundation (New World Order, anyone?) in Indonesia. didn't take long to get to the NWO, did it. We know almost nothing about this man except that his entire background may have been woven from whole cloth. unlike ji360114, who is an open book. I've asked this question several times: Who and what is Barack Obama? what? Who invented him and how? he's not an android. Shades of the movie, The Omen, wow. NWO and the antichrist. good show, ji360114 flood through my mind as I think about the answers to my questions and try to resolve who it is that occupies the highest office in the land . . . and who is pulling his strings? This is more than just a bully pulpit, it's high-level thuggery, racketeering, and a total theft of the USA by some very evil people. more evil than the antichrist? Wake up America and take your country back before it's too late . . . before YOU become a victim of their evil machinations. they're evil and they're machinations.

JeffAtlanta goes straight for the racism: NO ONE CAN BE A PRESIDENT OF USA UNLESS THEY ARE OF USA BLOOD. what blood would that be? i'm a native born citizen, but go back 1 generation and my blood is Italian, go back 2 generations on the other side and it's Irish. (my mother was not born in the US.) Americans by virtue of how we came to be a people, the cream de la cream, lulz. i think you're looking for "crème de la crème ", which makes what you say next even more amusing. the most intelligent, the most ambitious, the bravest and strongest of all peoples of the world came through Ellis Island, hoping they did not so much as sneeze (because unless they were PERFECT they were shipped back. Americans are a new race, in effect. wow. that's something there. and this would be restricted to white Americans, because black Americans were not brought through Ellis Island. A breed like no other in history. One MUST be born into this America, to have the American soul. actually, naturalized citizens are way more patriotic. Its more then just 'loving' and respecting the American ways, its blood, its family. The US Constitution, is ingrained in our beings since birth at so many levels, newborn babies know the US Constitution? huh. i guess i was defective. that it cannot be imparted otherwise. you couldn't just read it. Where are the Max Clelands? who the fuck is Max Cleland? okay, found a link, but holy obscure, batman. Our LEADERS? Why has the Lord forsaken us? I ask WHY has the Lord forsaken US? it's not an effective question unless at least part of it is caps. I guess it goes to our forsaking Israel and its eternal capital, Jerusalem. racism and zionism. nice! I believe the USA was founded by and for the Lord, or the Founding Fathers. and WE have forsaken him, and we are going to pay dearly for it. Who IS Obama?

Antarctican this may be a screenplay, or the outline of a broadway musical. i can't quite tell.

it was conceived by Immaculate DECEPTION.

o's African-Muslim daddy played the role of the obamassiah's male parent opposite the role of stanley dunham -- o's female parent, the immaculata. bo senior married sd to put on a false mask of legitimacy.

In 1961, it was a social stigma and taboo to be pregnant and unmarried. Few did it. Fewer still did the even bigger stigma/taboo: black-white inter-racial relationships . . . beyond mere animal sex with a race of a different color for some spice/variety.

Doubtlessly, consecration (i.e., service of the baby obamassiah) was a byproduct of the false mask conjured by the 'marriage' between daddy-o and its immaculata 'wife'.

They hatched their Immaculate Deception which persists -tragically- until this day, and has countless zombified o-bots/obamatons (swoon, faint) consecrating themselves (brainless twits!) to serve the obamassiah.

realworried I find it disgusting that it keeps being to referred to as our first Black president when he is really a half-breed, like the American Indians when they married white women. He cannot claim to be a real African-American. wow, any chance to slam the native americans i guess. they got off too lightly with the genocide.

GAPatriot doesn't care about the birth certificate. that's so last week. this week it's Indonesia. Even if Obama was born in the U.S., according to NWD he was also legally adopted while living in the U.S. by his mother's second husband. His name was changed to Barry Soetoro, I believe. My Questions are: (1) Where is a copy of his new birth certificate from being adopted and showing his name change? you mean the one that doesn't exist because Soetoro did not adopt Obama? (2) If he was really legally adopted by his Mother's second husband and his name changed to Barry S., did he legally change his name back to Barack Hussein Obama, II or not? Where's the documents showing that reversal? you can't reverse what didn't happen. (4) 1, 2, 4? Where or where are all the documents of his life in Indonesia, his school records and his passports stating he was a citizen of Indonesia? the school records and passports that don't exist? wow.

rickj24 achieves a transcendental level of irony. It's the pathology of the left. They have a mental disorder which causes them to believe that anything they believe is true and right and unquestionable simply because they believe it and say it is so. It wreaks of arrogance, petty mindedness, petulence, insolence, narrow thinking, etc. etc. It's also indicative of the Statist's mind frame, they dictate what is right. They know better what is right and what should be done than the unwashed masses. It's not a matter of cause and effect or experience or logic. We say it, therefore it IS.

pot, meet kettle. kettle, pot.


  1. And of course, you can expect Vox Day to be jumping on this report and claiming it's yet "more" evidence that Obama's presidency is illegitimate. Seriously, it's a world of derisive fun to watch someone who openly brags about being a genius, say and believe so many stupid things.

    (And off-topic: Just a quick thanks for adding my new blog in your blogroll. Thought I'd mention. =))

  2. Every day it seems that wingnuts move further along the downward spiral of stupid.

  3. Oh jeez, you went into the comments section of WND? And your computer and/or brain didn't crash?

  4. WND bringing together more nuts than Planters.


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