Thursday, August 27, 2009

He Brought a Pedophile to Church

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and then complained that the women weren't dressed modestly enough.

Oh, wait, I just threw you to the end of my rant, so that may not make any sense.

From the beginning:

Sunday's Breast by Mike Adams

Last Sunday, I took a couple of guests to church. I just met Lisa back in March. But I’ve known her husband David for fifteen years – ever since he took my “intro” class at UNC-Wilmington. David just pleaded guilty to one count of receiving child pornography. In all likelihood, he’ll soon be sentenced to eight years in federal prison.

catch that? Mr. Adams took a guy who's into kiddie porn to church with him. KIDDIE PORN. Is there anything lower than that? Anything at all? As it turns out, yes.

But last Sunday at church I was slightly embarrassed in front of my guests. "in front of", not "because of" The source of my embarrassment was all of the women who came to the service dressed like they had been out at a bar. A lot of these women know that they can meet higher quality men at church than at a bar. But some don’t have enough sense to change clothes after making the transition from a bar to a church sanctuary.

So, you attended a church service with a man who enjoys CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, is going to prison for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, but what really embarrassed you was women in sexy clothing? Really? Did the children in the pornography ask for it, too?

One of the worst offenders was seated one row in front of us. She wasn’t like all of the other women who were content merely to show their breasts. I know, right, women having breasts and not wearing hijab to cover them up. It's terrible. Worse, in fact, than kiddi porn. She had to wear a dress that was thin enough to let the whole congregation know she wears thong underwear. (a) you don't have to look (b) let me share a little secret with you, Mr. Adams. I've worn dresses that thin in public, too, and not on purpose. They looked fine at the store, fine in my bathroom when I put them on, then BAM naked in public. sunlight is a bitch. trust me, boyshorts instead of thongs don't make that situation any better. and it's still not worse than your kiddie porn loving friend. It was even more disturbing than the 13-year olds who wear torn Daisy Dukes instead of wearing a bra. does Mr. Adams know what daisy dukes are? i mean, you can't wear daisy dukes instead of a bra. they don't go on the same body part. oh, and blame the parents, there, bud. my mother wouldn't have let me wear short shorts to church.

When women come to church dressed like this they seldom stop to think that a recovering sex addict might be in the congregation. And they seldom stop to think that there are married men in the congregation who are struggling with lust issues. The church should be a place where men can come to seek help as they battle these temptations. It’s a shame that some of the temptations are following them into the church and pulling up a chair right beside them.

Mr. Adams, you know who likes child pornography? Pedophiles. You brought a pedophile into a church- a place guaranteed to be filled with children. Children should be safe in a church. The attendees of said church shouldn't have to worry that fellow congregants are bringing pedophiles to church, that a pedophile might pull a chair right beside their children. What you did, in bringing a pedophile, a known pedophile, to a church, is obscene. If I attended that church, I would demand that you not be allowed back, with or without your pet pedophile.

Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with some people?


  1. There are appropriate/inappropriate ways to dress for certain places. But Adams' argument sounds like some Muslim cleric. Women have to cover up so they don't tempt men? How about if the men control themselves instead, and not use the way women are dressed as some sort of excuse? No doubt Adams wouldn't have a problem if all the women had to wear burkhas to church.

  2. we call that fatwah envy. really though, there's just no way to argue his point without ending up at burquas.

  3. Lust issues? If they are pigs that's their fault, not the woman's.

  4. Wow. That is beyond disturbing. Also, I have a funny little feeling that if any one of us were to see these women's outfits, we'd be at great pains to discover the big fricking deal...

  5. I'd also like to know where all the scantily dressed church women were back when I was being dragged to services every Sunday by my parents. That would have made church more interesting :).

  6. Er... it seems to me there's a simple answer to this problem: Never go to church.

    It works for me. I haven't been sinfully tempted to lust by wicked, wicked not-men in church for years.

  7. How about, instead of women having to go out of their way, men could cover their eyes?

    Or, y'know, exercise basic restraint and not ogle women every chance they get while pretending they're hard-wired to do so.

  8. So the women should cover because a PEDOPHILE might have trouble with "lust issues"? And dude, back the fuck off the 13 year old (you and your friend). Some girl's moms don't give them a lot of guidance in the "it's time to wear a bra now, honey" department.

    UNRR - I *was* that scantilly clad girl at church. Let me tell you, youth retreats were a lotta fun. (That totally came out sluttier than reality. Really, I just didn't know I was supposed to wear a bra.)

  9. I like how he blames the victim at the end. "They were dressed too sexily, men and pedophiles can't help themselves." Pure rubbish.

  10. His fifteen-year BFF is into kiddie porn, he has the hots for thirteen year olds, and he spends the Sabbath ogling unsuspecting women.

    Then he lectures us on morality. You found a real prize with this one.

  11. He took the page down, but don't worry, it's cached.

    Then there's this:

    One church – in, of all places, Long Island – adopted a strategy to deal with this issue many years ago. They started passing out shawls to women who came to church dressed inappropriately. The decision to ask women to cover their cleavage in church probably offended some of them. But it’s far better to offend a parishioner than it is to offend God.

    Endorsing misogynist "slut-shaming" while bringing a kiddie porn consuming pedophile to a place with a lot of kids after giving him a spot on your radio show, it's what Jesus would do.

  12. I grew up Baptist and at one point a group of men went to to the pastor and demanded that he make a comment from the pulpit about inappropriate dress in the women. Cause we were wearing heels, Which caused the men to have lustful thoughts. Apparently it's an epidemic.

  13. Holy shitburgers that's incredible. It's all so WTF.

    But this especially is crazy: "A lot of these women know that they can meet higher quality men at church than at a bar."

    Seriously? Give me a bar any day. I'd pick up guys outside a prison over a church.


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