Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rep. Broun Godwins the Entire World

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There is no possibility of reasonable discussions with a good portion of the GOP*. Exhibit "A": Representative Paul Broun of Georgia (do I need to tell you which party?) Godwins the entire world in his latest delusional rant.

"It may sound a bit crazy and off base "may"? "a bit"?, but the thing is, he's the one who proposed this national security force," Rep. Paul Broun said of Obama in an interview Monday with The Associated Press. "I'm just trying to bring attention to the fact that we may—may not, I hope not—but we may have a problem with that type of philosophy of radical socialism or Marxism."

In case you're not familiar with what Broun is referring to, it is Obama's proposal for a civilian reserve corps that could handle postwar reconstruction efforts such as rebuilding infrastructure—an idea endorsed by the Bush administration. Remember, Broun? Those guys you loved? Were just in power until 6 months ago?

"That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did," Broun said. "When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist." Yeah, we probably shouldn't take history lessons from people that can't remember last year.

Broun said he believes Obama would move to ban gun ownership if he does build a national security force. I love all the weaselwording. "If he does . . . I believe . . . he may . . ." Once you've Godwin'd, you don't get to hide behind "I said he might do it . . ."

Obama has said he respects the Second Amendment right to bear arms and favors "common sense" gun laws. Gun rights advocates interpret that as meaning he'll at least enact curbs on ownership of assault weapons and concealed weapons. entirely different from banning gun ownership. seriously, who the fuck needs a concealed assualt rifle? As an Illinois state lawmaker, Obama supported a ban on semiautomatic weapons and tighter restrictions on firearms generally.

"We can't be lulled into complacency," Broun said. "You have to remember that Adolf Hitler was elected in a democratic Germany. No, he was not. Hitler was elected to a fairly minor political office, that's true. But he was appointed Chancellor of Germany (not a democratic move) and then appointed himself Fuhrer (again, not democratic) I'm not comparing him to Adolf Hitler. which is why you've mentioned Hitler three times in as many minutes? What I'm saying is there is the potential of going down that road."

This is what passes for reasoned discourse? This is what the First Amendment has come to? Godwinning the entire world every time someone sticks a microphone in your face? How long do you suppose it will be before some unhinged wingnut with concealed bazooka decides that the only way to save the world from SuperMarxistBlackHitler is to kill people? Given the hysteria, the extremity, the insanity, of right wing speech lately, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

Mark my words: in a world where a congressman can call the President of the United States Hitler- with no consequences- violence is guaranteed. The only question is when.

*UNRR is more than capable of reasonable discussion. I just wish the entire GOP was like him.


  1. Thanks for the compliment. As I've told others on the right, after listening to assorted paranoia, conspiracy theories, and general hysteria from the left for eight years of Bush, it's really annoying to see the insanity shift to the right now that Obama is president.

    Despite Democratic control of Congress, Obama can't even get a healthcare bill passed without massive opposition. Yet for some reason idiots like Broun think Obama's going to set up a Marxist dictatorship, replace the military with Obama stormtroopers, and disarm the rest of the populace. Obviously he couldn't do any of that even if he wanted to.

  2. It's been really frightening these past few weeks, watching the hate volume ramp up. After Dr. Tiller's assassination, and the security guard who was murdered at the Holocaust Museum, and the man at Obama's NH townhall this week with a semi-automatic strapped to his thigh and a Tim McVeigh-style poster, I'm just nervous. If I believed in prayer, I'd do that. I really don't want my president - or ANY US president no matter how much I hate their policies - to be assassinated. But it seems that this tiny portion is being allowed to flourish like a cult, becoming more insular and more extreme. Death always follows this kind of blind panic. It's really upsetting.

  3. Exactly.

    See, look, reasonable discourse!


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