Friday, August 28, 2009

On Indoctrination

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On Lawn at Opine Editorials has about the strangest definition of "indoctrination" I've ever heard: mentioning that other people are different.

Your answers to 10 tricky children's questions

BBC News recently ran a cute little diddy, answering some of the tougher questions children ask. Like, "Why is water wet" and "why is the moon out in the day".

And, all the way at the end for us hapless parents to indoctrinate our children to the new order of society, "WHY DOES MY BEST FRIEND HAVE TWO DADS?"

You know what the answer to that last question is? Because some families are different than ours. That's it. You don't really need to get more in depth than that. I suppose if you wanted to, you could say something like, You know how some families speak a different language/follow a different religion/live in different countries? Yeah, it's like that.

Simply acknowledging that the entire world isn't like you is not indoctrinating your children in anything. People all over the world are different. They speak different languages, eat different foods, wear different clothes, worship differently, etc. In the culture On Lawn and I share, burping in public is rude. If you do it, you have to excuse yourself. In other cultures, not burping at the end of meal would be rude, because burping indicates your enjoyment of the food served.

If we follow On Lawn's logic to it's natural conclusion, simply explaining this interesting little bit of information with his children would result in the breakdown of western civilization. There will be burping everywhere! In fact, I think we should make it illegal for cultures other than our own to even exist. And gays- get back in the closet, you're very existence is indoctrinating my children. They'll be burping and swishing all over town. And black people, I'm pretty sure we should get rid of them, too. We wouldn't want our children burping and swishing all over town in rythm, now would we?

Don't even get me started on those damned atheists . . .


  1. You have to wonder what he thinks would be a reasonable answer to that question about a friend having two Dads.

  2. That guy? I can't even imagine. And I don't really want to.

  3. Whenever people start blustering about Teh New World Order, they pretty much automatically discredit themselves.

    I think we have yet another case of Opine Hyperbole-osis on our hands.

  4. This is totally not the point, but since it's ME I have to ask:

    Really? BBC ran a "little diddy"? Is that like a picture of a Sean Combs bobblehead doll? Or a picture of one of his kids? I know what a "little ditty" is, but I'm not so entirely sure about a "little diddy." It does sound intriguing...

  5. LOL, I was sort of wondering that too. Maybe it's a short song by P. Diddy? But no, that wouldn't make sense at all given the context...

  6. I have a question about this. Are the two dads living with each other or not?

    Someone can have two dads by having parents that are gay, or they can have two dads because mom remarried and the step-father is also like a dad to the child, while the biological father is still the child's dad. Based on the answers on the BBC site, and the mention by On Lawn it looks like most everyone is assuming the former.


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