Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Love You, Barney Frank

barney frank, health care, nazi, townhall, obama, hitler

Do I need to say more?


  1. I KNOW! GREATEST EVER!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!

  2. Yes, why exactly are gay Jews supporting NAZI POLICIES?!

    I think the most ridiculous part of these "protests" is that people are coming to rallies with guns and screaming incoherently about Obama being a tyrant, and when the meeting's over, they go on live television to again blubber about how we're living in tyranny... instead of, you know, being herded off to re-education camps or simply being shot where they stand.

    Ahh, if only all of that impotent, misdirected and misinformed rage could be channeled into something useful. We could have had free, renewable energy by now.

  3. Nazi policies? I'm curious to know what she's talking about. What is Mr. Obama doing that they're saying is Nazi-esque? And let's face it folks, if the Nazi's did something and it worked and it wasn't unethical, why *can't* we do it too?

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  5. That's just fucking beautiful. Oh, GOD, how we need more like him! Many, many more!

  6. Now I have a reason to love him IN ADDITION to the fact that he looks and sounds suspiciously like he came out of an old cartoon.

  7. Thank you, Cynical Nymph. I was trying to figure out why his voice amused me so much during the many, many, many repetitions of that clip last night.


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