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Gaddafi Is One Sly Mofo

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Selwyn Duke of American Thinker (lulz) gives Muammar al Gaddafi, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya (that appears to be an official title. and you thought "president" was cool.) more credit than I would have thought possible. You'll see.

While the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding was good cinema damn, i think i just choked up my skull, it was also a big fat Hollywood fiction NO! it wasn't a documentary?!. With Greece's fertility rate of 1.36 children per woman -- well below the replacement level of 2.1 -- "big" is not a modifier demographers would associate with today's Greek families. In fact, a more accurate film might be called My Big Fat Muslim Wedding. does Mr. Duke get how averages work? there are big Greek families. not every Greek family involves a mother, a father, a child and part of a torso.

the next five, count 'em five, paragraphs are devoted to the demographic woes of notArab people. white europeans? not reproducing enough. asian? not reproducing enough. mexicans? no reproduco enougho. (though they do "stream across our sieve-like southern border" by the million.)

next up: ageism!

The young and vibrant are the worker bees; they are the inventors, innovators and creators of wealth. old people are like leeches, lazy, stupid leeches. They drive the economy. Of course, the elderly may take jobs out of necessity or boredom, lazy, stupid leeches! but they can match the economic engine of a peak-working-years population little more than they could match it on the athletic field. because in America's increasingly white collar economy, old is a disadvantage . . . asshat. This is part of the reason why famed economist Adam Smith taught that decreasing population correlates with economic depression. Adam Smith died in 1790. I'm guessing that prior to penecillin and pacemakers, "old age" was a different thing than it is today.

after the appetizer of ageism, we get to the main course: racism.

Now we come to the death of the West. Many of you know that Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, the face of 1980's terrorism, has been relatively well-behaved for nigh on 25 years now. he's busy being the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution Of course, this may be because Ronald Reagan effected a bomb-induced attitude adjustment in 1986. first of all, people died. be respectful. secondly, a lot has changed since 1986. The Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union fell apart, the socialism scare is . . . oh, yeah. Yet, such punitive action, while sometimes necessary, seldom yields a permanent change in behavior without a permanent change in vital signs. It didn't scare Saddam Hussein or the Taliban sufficiently, that's for sure. oh, for cryin' out loud. (Of course, they don't wear dresses, either. he included a link here. to a pay site. i'd just like to say: Muslims- they dress funny, hahahhahahaaha. asshat.) But is faint-heartedness on the part of Gaddafi the reason? Or is there another factor? Well, a clue can possibly be found in something he once said:

"There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don't need terrorists, we don't need homicide bombers. The 50 million Muslims will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades."

translation via Mr. Duke: "Islam will spread through breeding like Mexicans through a sieve!"

Is this Gaddafi wearing pragmatist's clothes? instead of dresses! Perhaps he realizes that the West is voluntarily committing civilizational suicide, aka birth control and all he need do is stay out of its way. Gaddafi's so sly, he doesn't car if winning happens now, or 100 years after he dies. Now that's one sly mofo!

If so, he simply notes what civilizations from the good to the bad to the ugly dress wearin' mooslins! always have understood, that their success largely hinges upon their ability to replenish that invaluable resource: people. except for old people, who are like wrinkly vampires. lazy, wrinkly vampires. For example, the ancient Romans at one point became obsessed with the idea that they weren't creating enough babies which had everything to do with their deep understanding of the writings of Adam Smith?; Joseph Stalin, hardly a pro-lifer, outlawed abortion; and the Nazis had their Lebensborn program yeah, they were just a little interested in eugenics, which requires, you know, teh bebbes. And even today governments are taking note of the problem. To name a handful, Russia, Poland, France and an Italian town are offering citizens substantial monetary incentives (i.e., cash and sometimes tax breaks) to be fruitful and multiply. Yet it isn't working -- and for good reason: a cultural problem cannot be solved with a political solution. yeah, you can't buy my uterus with a tax break. Why, even demographically correct Augustus Caesar "demographically correct"? what does that mean?, who wielded absolute power, could not remedy the birth dearth among Roman nobility. i guess his power wasn't quite so absolute, now was it?

This almost universal concern is warranted because a people is like a species: a failure to reproduce leads to extinction. OW! Teh Stoopid, it burns! that is such an amazingly racist biology fail, i'm not sure what to say. Americans are not a species. Nor are Muslims. human beings are a species, but we're in no danger of dying out. Now, this doesn't mean that neutron bomb-like cityscapes how can cityscapes be like neutron bombs? does he perhaps mean a cityscape after a neutron bomb? in which case, why use a neutron bomb? N bombs are as destructive as A bombs, the added benefit is that they kill more people, not destroy more buildings. lie in the West's future. More likely is that its peoples will be dominated -- and supplanted -- by other cultures. so, the future will be exactly like the past? amazing! hey, Mr. Duke! Yeah, you! the land you're standing on belonged to the native peoples of the Americas- until they were dominated and supplanted by Europeans. Oh, its new master may not be Islam; it may be China, India or, even more likely, different groups in different parts of the West. who? who's left if we remove the US, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Europe, China, India and the entire Muslim world? Venezuela? The point is that while the Third World and Asia are following in our footsteps, they are far healthier demographically and may be able to recover. But we may soon be at the point of no return.

Now the question is, does this matter? does what matter, that the world is continuing just as it always has? If you listen to the left, our demographic demise is something to be ignored when possible and applauded when not. it's just the way things are, don't get your panties in a twist about it. As Kathryn Joyce did in an incredibly snide and stupid article titled "Missing: The ‘Right' Babies," yeah, she called you on your racism the concern about the West's baby bust is often chalked up to just "old-fashioned race panic." pretty much. The left's implication is that cultural suicide is our civilization's comeuppance. cultural suicide? talk to some real live middle easterners, Mr. Duke. They listen to our music, watch our movies, wear our clothes- we'll be all right.

The irony of this is that the people extinguishing themselves are leftists, people who aren't enlightened enough to understand that their "enlightened" values will die with them. people enlighted enough to understand that lots of brown babies isn't something to panic about. Whether tomorrow brings us a Chinese hegemon unlikely, a worldwide caliphate unlikely or, more likely, a bipolar or multi-polar world you mean a world the same as ours? what?, it may be a place ruled neither by the virtues of Christendom i'll be happy, anyway nor the values of those crucifying her why would you want that, Mr. Duke?. When the people who birthed political correctness disappear i'm fairly certain we're not supposed to go in the rapture, they won't be able to reproduce it any more than little baby libertines. what. the. fuck. Of course, also true is that the West's glorious triumphs, such as its unprecedented respect for human rights, would also fade into history. yes, no one will ever respect human rights again without America to give them an "attitude adjustment".

And this is something mature racist people consider. Would the world be a better place with China as the dominant force? If you have trouble with that one, ponder how the Chinese are currently raping Africa as they zealously exploit the continent's resources. They are making European colonialism look beneficent. probably not.

Mature racist people also do something else -- they acknowledge facts. And what bothers me about the current debate over population is the steadfast refusal to do so. there is no problem here. human beings are not dying out. as a whole, we're fine. all you're left with is the argument that certain types of humans need to be encouraged, and certain other types discouraged, and we call that racism. If you believe that man is a pox upon the planet, be forthcoming. If you think he needs to cut his numbers by 90 percent, make your case. If you want a "Planetary Regime" to control world population -- which Obama's science czar John Holdren wrote about before i was born, btw. -- stand and be counted. But, as liberal icon Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, "You're entitled to your own opinions, but you're not entitled to your own facts." Before debating where we should go, there must be an acknowledgement of where we are. you're a racist. there we go. i acknowledged it.

When I ponder our materialism, promiscuity, frivolity and selfishness, our abortion-mill archipelago i repeat: what. the. fuck. that churns with Nazi-like efficiency, hey, you godwin'd your own article! it occurs to me that perhaps the leftists are right -- just not for the reasons they think. we're wrong even when we're right. It's not sins of our past that haunt us but those of our present, and maybe the euthanizing of Western civilization is, after all, our comeuppance. at this point, if everyone like you dies, i'm okay with western civilization dying off tomorrow.


  1. You know, he manages to put some wonderfully visual metaphors in there. Unfortunately he seems to have played mix-n-match, so it's impossible to actually get a coherent picture.

    I mean "abortion-mill archipelago." It invokes puppy mills and Solzhenitsyn at the same time. So now I have this visual of a collection of extremely cute baby dogs being forced to work slave labor in Siberia for their political views.

    Really, it's beautifully descriptive.

  2. So, I realized that as I was reading this, my face screwed itself up into the weirdest bunched-up, constipated-looking expression. It's like... I know it's ENGLISH, but... is this written in English? It makes so very little sense.

    Are you sure a Dadaist didn't write this?

  3. I think it might be absurdist.

    And I was really hoping one of my more educated readers could explain "abortion mill archipelago" to me- I thought he was invoking both baby murder and Darwin.

  4. Surely an abortion mill would produce abortions, in much the same way that a steel mill produces steel or a sawmill produces wood? Abortions would then be packaged for shipment to warehouses, where people would purchase them for use in construction and other projects. Except in this case, there's no market for pre-fab abortions. (The vast majority of people prefer to have their abortions created on site, by hand, and will employ a skill professional to do so.) The abortion mills are therefore being hauled away and thrown into the sea in very large numbers. (Apparently large sections of the U.S. were also over-zoned for abortion mills.)

    There they lie, in piles huge enough to form islands: a veritable archipelago of abortion mills.

    If I'm interpreting this right, it seems that Mr. Duke is actually more concerned with pollution than demographic drift.

  5. and I brought the happy beachball of logical argumentation.

    Heh-heh. I don't know why but I get a kick out of that. Simple things for simple minds I guess.

  6. i am a number of days behind on this -

    but i HAVE to say, in the vain hope that he someday looks at this comment page again, that Michael Mock created something *totally* sublime, there - i am now pondering how i can fit "abortion mills" of this style into a story...


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