Monday, August 17, 2009

Throwaway Post - Catan

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I'm busy and headachey, so I thought instead of a snarky takedown of idiocy, I'd treat you to one of my favorite things: Settlers of Catan. It's a board game, also recently an xbox arcade game, and it's fun. Yup, that's it, fun. It's easy to learn, but because of the variables built into the game, difficult to master. The board game can be played by 2-4 people as young as 8, and the xbox arcade version can be played against computer opponents or real people.

Anyway, I highly recommend Catan, and if anyone has any board games they'd like to recommend, feel free.


  1. I am a big Axis and Allies fan. The problem is finding the time to play with my friends.

  2. I'm not sure what company makes it or if it's even available, but me and my cousins used to play a game called "Scotland Yard." The board is basically a map of London, with paths indicating means of transit by bus, taxi and underground. Each player starts the game with a certain number of transit tickets. The object of the game is for the majority of players--the members of Scotland Yard--to catch the one player who is "Mr. X". Mr. X's movements are mostly secret, though once every five moves X must reveal his or her location to give the coppers a chance. If X is caught, the cops win; if all the cops run out of transit tickets without catching X, then X wins.

    :D I was always Mr. X. It still kind of baffles me how no one else ever thought the thrill of being chased was as much fun as I did.

  3. I remember Scotland Yard! I loved that game!

    I'll have to check out Axis and Allies, too. Is it like Risk?

  4. Yeah I contemplating picking up my own copy of Catan (either that or Puerto Rico) since I am moving out of my current flat with all the boardgames. The only one I own is Agricola.

  5. It is like Risk, but more advanced. It actually allows for differences in attacks. There is even more strategy involved.

  6. Late reply.

    6-8 players long game: Twilight Imperium
    7 players (Losing your friends): Diplomacy
    5 players: Blood Royale (takes a while) or El Grande
    3+ fun game: Robo Rally

    My favorite game (two players only) is Blood Bowl.


  7. Blood Bowl is awesome. There is a version for the Xbox coming out soonish.

  8. This game is great! YAY for Settlers!

  9. Carcasonne or Alhambra

    Both are easy to play in the basic version but become very complex when played with (multiple) extensions.

    I also like Bohnanza

  10. I have the BloodBowl game for the PC. Very well done. The only computer game ever where I could start in the HARD mode. Normally, my computer game skills are...........troublesome :-(
    Glad to see there are BB players on the blogs.


  11. I highly recommend Carcassonne. Its also available on Xbox arcade. Its like Settlers in many ways, but I find it much more entertaining.


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