Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Preaching to the Choir

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Tom Estes at Hard Truth has a dream. No, not that dream. Not that one either. Probably not the one involving me, Naveen Andrews and a shocking lack of clothing. That would be weird.

He has a dream of an atheist free zone. Yes, I know, we call those "churches", but the internet tends to be a little more egalitarian than that. And somebody needs to do something about that.

Well, I was hoping that when I changed the rules for comments basically, you couldn't disagree with Mr. Estes. If he said the world is flat and made entirely of the broken dreams of orphans, you couldn't point out obvious facts such as "the world is round". and set my blog up to where only those with membership accounts could comment, that a lot of the militant atheists would go elsewhere. we wanted you to see our jackboots! I was wrong. They continue to come here and try to hijack our discussions with logic and reason. it's so rude. something atheist blogs frown on with much disdain the blogs frown on it? really?, and basically just try to be a thorn in the side of anyone who comes here and is a Christian. I've decided that needs to stop. It's time to make this an almost "atheist free zone." other atheist free zones: churches, US politics and most of the noninternet public sphere.

Please allow me to explain why: please

When I started this blog, I wanted to show non-Christians that truly rational thought is one that understands that we have an all-powerful, loving God who created us in His image, and sustains the world we live in.
like atlas? wasn't that his job? And while this obviously is the truth, if it were obvious, wouldn't we all see it? a large segment of atheists that spend time on line one word are either unwilling or unable to see the rationale and logic behind such thinking. actually, by definition, all atheists, online or not, would not believe that. or they wouldn't be atheists. ergo, wherefore, and other such phrases

The more I worked on this blog, the more I learned about logic. Logic can be used as a tool if you're dealing with people who think the same as you, or share your world view, but it's completely useless with those who don't. i think you need to learn a little bit more about logic. There have been many times when I felt that I was able to construct a concrete logical argument that couldn't be argued, only to have the very first atheist commenter attempt to rip it to shreds. frustrating, but don't blame us all for your inability to construct a logical argument. And conversely, many atheists have responded to my posts with what they felt were solid, logical arguments that I was able to rip to shreds. logical argumentation: not for the faint of heart. Many times this resulted in them calling me a liar because they felt so strongly about the argument they had presented, that they felt it would impossible for anyone to actually disagree with it. you mean, like you?

Mr. Estes reveals his complete misunderstanding of logic for a few more paragraphs, then ends with a perversion of logic that makes me happy we don't have immortal souls, because if we do, then Aristotle's is weeping in shame.

But when our reasoning begins with God's Word, our thinking and our logic move vertically ???. The more we know about the Bible, the more we understand about God, and by extension the more we will understand about the world we live in. yes, if only physicists would consult the bible, we would have had Unified Field Theory ages ago. And as any Bible student knows, we will eventually get to the point where we cease to be able to understand good thing scientists don't take this tack. Einstein: fuck it, we can't understand anymore, i'm gonna go play golf. relativity? who cares? , but we know that God possesses all knowledge and will increase our abilities to think and reason Biblically as He sees fit. see Einstein, above. or, I'm ignorant because god wants me to be!

But atheists don't see the Bible as a foundation. They see it a great piece of old literature and that's about it. With that in mind, what do atheists and people like myself really have to talk about? Honestly, not much. i dunno, do you like Lost? what about video games? Settlers of Catan? Bohnanza? there's more to me than atheism, and I would hope there's more to you than christianity.

Mr. Estes then digresses into his hatred of PZ Myers, funny story that.

Which is why most of the atheists are here. Because they either hate God do you hate tiny pink unicorns, Mr. Estes? you can't hate what doesn't exist., and what His followers stand for. rank hypocrisy and desire to see me and mine gone, yeah, i don't like that. This is something they have every right to do, but not here. fair enough, but wait for what comes next. That is why there will be no more atheists allowed to comment on here with two exceptions. Curious as a Chimp, and Nigel the Bold. do i know these two?

Here's the HardTruth. that makes me laugh. for obvious reasons.

I want this to be a place where Christians can read about and discuss the adverse affects of atheism on our culture, without having to get attacked immediately by several hateful atheists. i want to be able to discuss what to do about atheists without actually having to hear from any atheists.

let's try something: I want this to be a place where Christians can read about and discuss the adverse affects of Judaism on our culture, without having to get attacked immediately by several hateful Jews.


I want this to be a place where Christians can read about and discuss the adverse affects of blacks on our culture, without having to get attacked immediately by several hateful blacks.

yeah. hate on atheists, and that's fine, because like fat people and trannies, we're still acceptable targets. it doesn't make you a good person, Mr. Estes, and it's still bigotry.


  1. Mr. Estes then digresses into his hatred of PZ Myers, funny story that.

    What funny story? Was it the one where nobody gave a pile of dicks about T.Estes until he popped up over a Pharyngula spewing stupidity and hatred and encouraging the Pharyngulites to come to his blog and debate? Was it the one where he said increasingly creepy things to BlagHag on the eve of the trip to the Creation "Museum," to the point where she actually felt physically threatened?

    Yeah. That shit's hilarious. Ol' T.Estes is a credit to stand-up comedians everywhere.

    Wait, what's that? He's a pastor? Oh, well, I guess that means he's a wonderful person who needs to be listened to uncritically, then.

    Hmm, I wonder if his lack of ability to handle challenges has anything to do with his chosen career? I also wonder if he's been doing un-Christian things to the defenseless people of his congregation. He sure struck me as one creepy-ass mofo...

    Also, Naveen Andrews has a blog? Really?

  2. I don't think it's him. Unless his idea of blogging is to post pictures of his sexy self.

    Yeah, Estes is a grade-A psychopathic jerk. As an addendum to that tale of stalking the BlagHag, PZ then blocked him from commenting at Pharyngula- again and again and again as Estes would respond by immediately getting another account under another name and start the same shit all over again.

    Which is, btw, what he accuses atheists of doing. We call that projection.

  3. But, y'know, PZ and the atheists are the unscrupulous bastards. Because we don't go for that whole god thing.

    Head. Desk.

  4. Tom Estes: always good for a laugh. I only stopped myself from commenting (several times) just because I don't want to be blocked from regaling in his madness. Heh.

  5. Hugo Reyes has a blog. He should evangelize blogging to Naveen. I would follow that shit like *that*. Especially if it was an autobiographical photo blog. Mmmmmm.

  6. Basically he wants to say whatever he wants and never be challenged. *Don't push on my bubble! No, no! You're popping it!*

    Fear drives these people, friends. Fear that a thought might get in that changes them. Fear that someone they know might start doubting.

    Fear not! Knowledge is power and freedom.

  7. And one of those atheists wouldn't happen to have been you, PF, would it?

    Congratulations on pissing off yet another lunatic.

  8. It's always funny when someone bothers to write their opinions on a blog for everyone to see, and then takes offense when someone actually reads them and expresses disagreement.

    What's the point of setting up your own little echo chamber where only people who agree with you are allowed? Unfortunately there are quite a few blogs like that.

  9. ZOMG I'm so offended you didn't capitalize Atlas! You're a total bigot against the ancient greek religion!!!11!1!111

  10. I think he's angry because the atheist were running intellectual circles around him. Sooo....he declares logic to be pointless and bans all the atheists. I would say more but now I'm thinking of Naveen and I can't concentrate.

  11. You got Estes attention on this one, PF.
    I posted on it at SMRT.

    Nice work!

  12. A blog frowned at me yesterday. Luckily I was busy making my logic move vertically so it didn't impact my busy day hating a character I don't think exists.


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