Saturday, August 1, 2009

Full on Stockholm Syndrome

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The people at Rapture Ready are actually getting weirder. In the "I think I'll cut off my own toes, one by one, and eat them, just to prove my devotion to cheese" sense of weird.

It's a little scary.

sunshine2777 belies his or her name with the following incredibly disturbing question:

We all have different ministries in our life but does anyone know if suffering in and of itself is a ministry to others? Of course the primary one I'm thinking of is Job...... there were others in the bible though. I hope I'm making sense but I truly want to know if long and continual suffering is or can be a ministry to others... to encourage others and to help them see God. If this is in the wrong place, please move it mods. Thanks!

first of all, suffering as a ministry? seriously? hey, PF, you have a horrible, painful disease that will cause unrelenting agony for decades, you can thank me later! what?!

and Job? Job is the book of the bible in which god allows satan to torment a faithful believer for no good reason. just to prove a point. and it's not just what happens to job- job's children are all killed. so innocent people die and an innocent man is tormented in increasingly horrible ways, just because god felt like it.

that's psychopathic. seriously, when psychopaths torture innocent victims for no particular reason, we condemn them, we imprison them, we execute them. god does it, and everyone says, "god is love!" wtf?!

Obadiah and Anddra have the same reaction:

I don't think suffering in and of itself is a ministry, but by the grace of God and the power of the Spirit you can utilize it in ministry

join me in worshipping god, and you can suffer just like everyone else! what? that is the upside!

sunshine2777 clarifies:

Maybe I should have worded it a bit differently. Suffering and then "handling it well according to we know to be true, our faith, etc". Does that make more sense? Would God hand someone that kind of ministry, where the devil is allowed to pound someone and with God's help and grace, they react to it in total faith and worship. I know, Job comes to mind. But what about today? Any thoughts? Oh yea, thanks Obadiah... I didn't think anyone would respond...

that would be the plot of The Exorcism of Emily Rose

anddra offers up possible the most disturbing reaction to the Book of Job possible:

Whilst the way a Christian handles suffering can be a powerful witness, I don't see it as a ministry in its own right. As for Job, I think he was the principle beneficiary of what he went through.

so, suffering unimaginable torments and watching all your children die at once is a feature, not a glitch? hey, where can i get me some of that?

i swear, if anyone in real life told me that they frequent Rapture Ready, I wouldn't turn my back on them. ever.


  1. This whole martyr-complex is catching on...

  2. i look at my sisters (the ones who are actual, not step) and see the most self-centered, narcistic people on the planet. they are selfish, slef-centered, santamonious, snobby, and a whole lot of other words that begin with the letter "S".

    my mother likes to tell me that the reason i am not like them (beside the fact that i am the oldest and such) is because my pain "humanized" me and made me empathetic.

    pisses me off every time. that may be true - but she says it like my pain is a fucking *GIFT*. just -


    i feel so very very bad for these people. i mean, fucked up as my life is, i never wanted the *WORLD TO END*. yes, i have been suicidal - but i wouldn't want to hurt anyone else (which is why i never did it). the thought of all 6+ billion people on this planet being killed, with 99.99999999999% of them going to hell - i am glad i don't believe in hell, because the thought makes me SICK>

    speaking of sick - i think you hit the nail on the head - they are suffering from a very debhilitating mental disorder. they *have* to be. how are these people able to hold jobs, have families, if they think the world is going to end Any Day Now? *why* would they have jobs and families?

    can they ever feel joy? it makes me want to weep, every time i see one of these posts. i feel so much pity for them, trapped in their corrupted religion...

  3. You hit the nail on the head, my dear. There's no way you could actually believe this shit and not go all Heaven's Gate. Why on earth would you get a job or have children or buy a house if you actually thought the world was ending now! right now! wait for it . . . now!

  4. i've been moving - that's why i haven't been back til now to see your reply.

    "Heaven's Gate"!!!

    sigh. people make me sad, ya know?


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