Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthers Get a Little Funnier

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When you start citing The Globe as your source material, you've hit rock bottom, though I suspect Joseph Farah and all the other birthers may well pull out a shovel and start digging. (The shovel is made out of titanium, and it's really a jackhammer.) Look at all the other stellar journalism on display by The Globe: The Shocking Reason Trace Adkins Packed on 50 lbs!, Boozing Brad!!!, DIG UP JFK's BODY!!!!!eleventy!!!!
You'd think there would be some point at which even if you did initially buy into the whole birther racism nuttiness, you would eventually say, "Oh, The Globe? Didn't they have pictures of Elvis' alien love child last week?"



  2. I mirror Robert's eloquent thoughts. Also adding: big surprise ...

  3. Oh, Globe photo editors. How I love you. What an awesome picture of Obama. I want the person's job who gets to pore over piles and piles of pictures finding the most ridiculous, vaguely relevant one.


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