Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elite and Resentful

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elite: the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.

I love being called "elite", mostly because there's nothing particularly elite about me. I'm not the most intelligent or educated, I'm hardly the best writer, I'm not the funniest, most informed or even the best looking. I'm not the kindest, the gentlest or the most generous.

I'm not even elite in a negative sense. I'm not the rudest, the most violent, the ugliest, the cruelest or the most boring. That's right, I can't even win at losing.

But that doesn't stop people from claiming that it's my resentful elitism that has turned me against god. People like Jaime Jeffords.

For the elites, it is all about permissiveness. One can hold whatever religion one wants, as long as it passes no judgment and certainly does not seek to shape society. look, i don't care if you worship a pair of socks, just leave the rest of us out of it. You do not like the idea of abortion or gay marriage? Shut up, you bigoted jerk! you are more than welcome to tell the whole freakin' world that you don't like abortion, gay marriage or my new haircut, but stop trying to pass laws about it. Want to legalize pot or take ’under God’ out of the Pledge of Allegiance/ well, speak up, pal. well, those people shouldn't be allowed to speak. it's ridiculous that those people might go door to door and hand out pamphlets and . . . oh. You are just the kind of enlightened soul we need around here. Someone will with? no general principles other than self-centered hedonism.

just a note: according to Mr. Jefford's self description, he has a law degree. given the appalling spelling and grammatical errors throughout this post, i think we should find out which school gave him a JD and petition to have them shut down.

I expect that sort of attitude from people who reject religion on a moral rather than intellectual basis. what? i'm not sure . . . so it's okay to reject religion on an intellectual basis? What what bemuses i assume "me" meaning Mr. Jeffords about the intellectuals is how they trade Christianity directly for science as though the two are as mutually exclusive as hedonism and Christianity are. do they? have you proven that anywhere . . . nope. okay then. It is not so. The intellectual elite we're choice! like Grade A Prime Rib! (i really miss steak.) embrace science as a religion stop that! in order to fill the gap left by abandoning Christianity. (a) not all atheists "abandoned" christianity. I know a few atheists who never had any religion, as well as exmuslims, exjews, etc. (b) who says "abandoning" christianity leaves a gap? i haven't noticed one.

Look at the language they use. “God in the gaps,’ pick some quotes and stick with them! which supposedly means God has fewer and fewer places to hide as science reveals how unnecessary he is in finding answers. well, yeah. why would you look to god for scientific knowledge? you're talking about the book that asserts that bats are birds and insects have four legs. you don't need a PhD in anything to know the truth there. The guys in the white lab coats have replaced ministers in their hearts and minds rather than coexisting with God like they should. no, scientists, with or without lab coats, white or otherwise, have not replaced ministers in my heart. totally different job, buddy. There is this notion that god has limited science, which translates to morality has limited science. galileo. christianity has limited science. and christianity =/= morality. i am a moral person. without christianity or god. i know, it's amazing. Christian opposition to destroying embryonic stem cell research wait a minute, he just said that christians are against stopping embryonic stem cell research, abortion and against stopping abortion, and euthanasia and against stopping euthanasia. words, they mean something. is doing what, really/ anything other than injecting limits on the morality of scientific research/ Explaining that you cannot kill the weak and helpless in the name of alleged progress? Preventing the rise of scientists as those with the power over who livesand who dies/ it is all of the above. did this suddenly become a poem? what's up with the forward slashes everywhere? what is going on?

When was the last time you heard anyone proclaim Islam was the culprit preventing social and scientific progress even though it inarguably has a far worse track record than Christianity?look, "the Mooslins are worse!" is not a defense of christianity. and that statement isn't even true. right now, Islam isn't all hip to the social and scientific progress, but while christendom was plodding through the Dark Ages, the Islamic world was expanding mathematics and calculating the circumference of the earth to within a few thousand feet (a really impressive achievement for people who had no idea the Americas existed.). Some may pay it lip service from a safe, Muslims cannot behead me for it distance, violent headcases in other faiths do not make christianity any truer. but it is Christianity that bears the bulk of criticism--probably because Christians will not behead critics. Talk about permissiveness. i'm assuming, Mr. Jeffords, that you only read atheist criticisms in English. Oddly enough, the people who know enough about Islam to criticize it, and the people who would care enough to do so, aren't speaking English. because they live in the Middle East. the whole world isn't the United States. asshat.

It is Christian morality that is at the heart of the animosity so self centered., whether it is casting judgment on evil actions or placing value on life over science without conscience. because only christians can see evil. the rest of us are sacrificing babies to Darwin Keeo or keep in mind that when anyone critiques religion as immoral, bigoted, and stupid, what they are really saying that Christianity is standing in the way of whatever evil I want to do. Take it as a compliment. here's a clue: remember how your mom told you that all the kids tease you because they're jealous? yeah, that's not true. sorry.


  1. One of the bloggers at Opine also claims to have a law degree (Fitz), although he doesn't seem to blog or comment there anymore. His grammar and spelling are atrocious and he is completely unable to make distinctions between those oh so tricky homophones (he he) like they're/their/there, your/you're, for/fore/four and its/it's.

    It's embarrassing to share a profession with people like this.

  2. How do you pass the LSATs without being able to distinguish between homophones?

  3. Are there diploma mills for law degrees? For that matter, is there an easy way to verify that these people actually have the degrees they claim? 'Cause I'm a bit dubious.

    Of course, if it turns out that they do have law degrees, then I'll have to switch from 'dubious' to 'worried'...

  4. "when anyone critiques religion as immoral, bigoted, and stupid, what they are really saying that Christianity is standing in the way of whatever evil I want to do."

    So basically anyone criticizing any aspect of Christianity is evil. That's a real well-thought out argument he has there. Everyone who doesn't believe in his God and religion is immoral and evil. He could have just written that and saved himself the effort of putting all those other incoherent thoughts together.

  5. Actually, I think that one can get a law degree from an "online law school" these days. Although, I think the only state that allows "graduates" of these programs to sit for the bar exam is California.

  6. This makes so little sense that it actually makes me colder. This guy has actually written something so random and unnatural that he has DEFEATED the second law of thermodynamics, and the heat-producing actions in my body have actually reversed themselves.

  7. Oh, great, so he's going to a Nobel Prize for killing us all.

  8. I don't think they give Nobel Prizes for destroying nature. Oh. ... Wait.

  9. @PF: I just have to say you crack me up! I flipping love your posts. It gives me a smile and good hope that there are still smart people in the world. YAY!

    Yeah, isn't it fun times when they talk about the "hole" left by Christianity. Look, bub...even if that's true (as it is for me since I did leave Christianity) that doesn't mean Christianity was the best thing to be there in the first place! There are scores of other ethical and moral systems that are 100 times better than the Jains for example.

    Nice post, PF. Keem em coming! (:

  10. i somehow missed this post when it came out.


    you are one of the *very* few blogs i read more than once a week or so - the sole, single blog i go to as often as this one is Pandagon. so *I* think you are elite - if that makes you feel any better :)


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