Friday, August 21, 2009

Persecuted by a Simple Statement

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If somebody said to you, an atheist, an agnostic, a pagan, or otherwise, that many people in the United States are Christians and accept Jesus as their messiah, would you be offended?

Of course not, this is a simple statement of fact. This would no more offend a reasonable person than stating that water is wet and the sky is blue. I find it hard to imagine even unreasonable people being offended by this.

So why would a Christian be offended by the statement that there are people that don't believe in any gods at all? So offended, in fact, that they may choose to lose their job in this time of high unemployment rather than accept that simple statement as the fact that it is.

The Des Moines Regional Transit Authority in Iowa has suspended an employee who refused to drive a bus that carried an ad for an atheist group.
Angela Shiel, 41, was suspended on Monday after she refused to drive a bus that featured on its side an ad paid for by the Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers.

The ad reads "Don't believe in God? You are not alone."

According to the Des Moines Register, Shiel said driving with such an ad "goes against everything I believe in."

"For me to drive a bus that is totally against my beliefs personally - that's why I didn't take it," she added.

The fact that atheists exist goes against everything you believe in? Really? You believe there are no atheists? I didn't realize that was part of the Christian belief system.


  1. You have to wonder if she even read and understood the ad.

  2. Oh come on PF, you have hung around Ray's long enough to know that there are no real atheists. All atheists believe in God but act like they don't because they love sinning.

  3. Methinks she's one of those Xians who are just offended at the very mention of "atheists" or "atheism", and the very notion that godless folks walk the Earth.

  4. We're walking the earth, bitches! Walking it! Right now!

  5. Argh! The Stupid, it burrrns!

    Maybe letting unbelievers know that there are other unbelievers out there goes against her beliefs? Something like providing aid and comfort to the enemy?

    I guess it doesn't matter; it would still be stupid.

  6. She wasn't going to spread Satan's message, the poor Christian.

    One has to wonder, if God doesn't like the "upgraded" bus, why didn't He send fire from heaven to smite it?

  7. Ahh, the facts, they burn! The goggles do nothing!!!!!!!1!eleven!!!!

  8. to be honest, i am really glad (in an abstract, political and judicial sort of way) that she was punished for her bigotry. ya know?

    i know that this will only serve to enflame some fundies - but it should also make some *other* people think about their actions. i hope.


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