Monday, August 10, 2009

The Only Thing Worse Than Islamics(sic) Is

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Liberals. Duh.

According to Burt Prelutsky anyway. (If you put a keffiyeh on Mr. Prelutsky, tell me you don't get Yasser Arafat.)

I suspect that because George Bush and Condoleezza Rice were so respectful of Muslims other than bombing them. and encouraging US soldiers to pass out bibles. oh, and sending over the Christian Crusaders otherwise known as Blackwater. why aren't Middle Easterners all sending us thank you cards? they're so rude!, constantly telling us that theirs is a religion of peace, some otherwise sensible Americans actually began to believe it. Now we have a president who not only kowtows to a Saudi prince bowing: wrong even when it's right, apparently, but carries on as if Israeli homes are more threatening than Iranian nukes. to peace in Israel, yes. especially considering the Iranian nukes are currently nonexistent.

What is wrong with our leaders? Are they worried that they won’t be invited to those cool Ramadan parties? yes, i'm sure that's it. in fact, not being invited to cool Ramadan parties probably explains a lot of Mr. Prelutsky's rage. The Islamics uh, muslims? have been actively at war with us for 30 years and generally at war with western civilization for well over a thousand years for a good portion of that millenium, the Crusades were going on. at which time the Muslims were defending themselves from western agression. embarassing history fail. , and still we pay lip service to these people in a way we never did with Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan or the Soviet Union. i'm fairly certain you can't pay lip service to a person . . . oh, i get it. Is it because the Muslims commit sadism and murder in the name of religion and not country? because the holocaust would have been okay if only Hitler had invoked Jesus? what? If anything, I would think that would make their evil acts all the more contemptible.

Still, I would contend that Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are not as dangerous as America’s liberals. i almost feel complimented. i'm more dangerous than people who slam commercial airplanes into office buildings. go me! The Islamic terrorists can only kill so many people didn't you imply they had nuclear bombs a paragraph ago? you could conceivably kill absolutely everyone with enough of those., but those on the Left are doing everything in their power to eviscerate America. blood! there will be . . . Cap and Trade can destroy our industrial might; Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus programs combined with his delusional health care plan death panels! euthanasia! forced abortions! will not only bankrupt our nation, but lead inevitably to a rate of inflation that will impress even Jimmy Carter and peanut farmers are not easily impressed; and the budget cuts directed at our military and our missile defense system will make us increasingly vulnerable to our various enemies. hey, he tied it all in with the nukes. nice save.

The problem is that liberals are not only nuts, but inconsistent. They very much want to send our military to Africa to stop the savagery in the Sudan, but didn’t want to see it employed against the equally barbaric Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot or Ho Chi Minh. ho chi minh is still . . . no, he's dead. for 40 years now. pol pot's been dead for 11. wtf? Funny how you never hear them insist that we have no business in Darfur because Sudan didn’t attack us on 9/11 or point out that we have no compelling interest in sub-Sahara Africa. too bad you guys don't have oil. cause we'd be all over that! But that’s to be expected when people get their information from Bill Maher and Jon Stewart and their talking points from the likes of Bono and the Dixie Chicks. those kids and their atheists and their Daily Show and their rock n roll! Get off my lawn!!

Speaking of liberals, the irony is that so many of them who never believed God even existed Obama won with more than 50% of the vote. less than 5% of USians are atheists. Does Mr. Prelutsky think that atheists comprised more than 50% of voters? (never mind that most atheists did believe in god at some point in their lives) are now convinced that He is alive and well and going out on date nights with Michelle. that whole "messiah" thing was dreamed up by the right, asshat.

Getting back to Muslims, there are people who would insist that we should distinguish between those who cut off the heads of their innocent victims and those who, rumor has it, just want to live and let live. Well, I keep trying, heaven knows, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. well then, why should i bother to distinguish between right wing extremists and peaceful conservatives, Mr. Prelutsky? Gitmo for you! I hear waterboarding is just like the rides at Disney.

. . .*

Now I understand that any country that keeps electing people like Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer and Barack Obama, the killer B’s as it were, "killer B's"? Whom have they killed? you'd think that would be all over the news. doesn’t have terribly high standards okay, electing Bush proves that, but I see him on that list, but assuming we have any at all, will someone please explain why we’re allowing these degenerates into the country? you mean, people like Clinton, Frank, Boxer, and Obama, who were all born here? that's . . . confusing.

*What I didn't address was the story of an 8 year old rape victim. Supposedly, she was then abandoned by her father because of the shame she brought the family, but I'm having trouble corroborating that last bit on anything other than wingnut sites. Even if it were true, one such story proves nothing, and I'm not helping Mr. Prelutsky pimp a rape victim to prove a point.


  1. I agree with everything you said (and would like to add my sentiments to this guy being a deluded bigoted asshat lunatic, but just a small correction: I can't find any bloody recent articles (best I found was from 2004), but I've heard atheism in America is currently at about 10%; coupled with agnosticism, which I personally view as "lite atheism" (ie. they also don't actually proclaim there is a God), that number easily reaches 15-20%. And only about 70% or so are Christian, and that number's sinking fast.

    Relatedly, I also read kids and teens were 30-35% atheists. Now that's something to warm our hearts up. (Though, being kids and teens, I have no doubts many of them just proclaim godlessness as to "rebel" instead of actually believing there isn't a God.)

    Okay, enough rambling ...

  2. "those kids and their atheists and their Daily Show and their rock n roll! Get off my lawn!!"

    That was beautiful. I snorted loudly.

  3. To quote the Ken Ham's hamseum. Only 1 in 3 teens (30%) say they will continue to attend church once they leave their parent's home.

  4. Yes they really have 1 in 3 equaling 30%.

  5. "death panels! euthanasia! forced abortions!"

    Don't forget free sex change operations for all!


  6. and those sex changes are whether you want them or not, though i hear they are adding a third sex, just for lulz.

  7. He totally looks like Arafat! Of course, to really do a good impression you've got fold the tail of the keffiyeh into the shape of the West Bank/Palestine.

    Excellent snark :)


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