Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do You Know What Day It Is?

It's Girl Genius Day! If you aren't reading it already, you ought to be!

Why are you still here? I don't have Adventure! Romance! and Mad Science! I don't have a newly released book to enjoy. I don't have Jägermonsters*. But this finely crafted and elegant link here, just like the link above, does and it's awesome!

Really? You're still here? Look, just do me a favor and go over there and click on an ad or something, because I need to find out how this all ends. Do you hear me? NEED TO KNOW! If I don't find out how it ends, I will hunt you down and force you to draw me an ending, and neither one of us wants that, now do we?

*You know I don't, because if I did, the next time you heard from me, I'd be on the news demanding your surrender. Your unconditional surrender.


  1. Dun be insultink! Forget my hat, az if!

  2. Actually, Hy vos talkink about hyu readers. They had better bring a hat as ein offerink to de Jaegers, don't hyu think?

  3. Goot vun! Und sammiches! No soup, t'ough. Ve dun do soup.

  4. Am not offerink hat to de Jaegers. Dey want hat, dey come und try to take eet. Hats only goot if taken in battle!

  5. 20 minutes later at Michael's house:

    "Yes, yes, I swear I will never challenge Jägers online ever again? Can I please stop eating my hat now?"

  6. Actually, I think the conversation would go like this:
    Me: "Nice hat."
    Jaeger: "Dat vus a challenge? Hyu need new het?"
    Me: "Actually... yes, yes I do."
    Jaeger: "Hokay. Hyu ready?"
    Whack! Thump!
    Me: "Unnnngh..."
    Jaeger: "Hyumans. Dey's weak, but dey's funny."
    Me: "What happened to the Movit #11...?" {Looks at bottle. Reads warning on back.} "Oh. Shouldn't... have mixed it... with rum..."


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