Friday, January 14, 2011


Remember when the world had colour? Remember when that color danced on stained glass wings? Remember when a breeze felt like kittens rubbing against your skin? Remember when stepping outside didn't demand several minutes of piling on layers so you could be cold instead of at risk for hypothermia? Remember what sunshine looked like?

At this point, neither do I.



  2. So this would be completely the wrong time to point out that the extent of this morning's winter wardrobe was a long-sleeved overshirt?

    We had a little snow this past weekend, but for the most part the weather here hasn't moved below "brisk".

    On the other hand, this does not bode well for summer.

  3. Grrrr @MM. In no time flat you are going to be up to your ears in bluebonnets.

    Soothes the poor Comtesse, who is trapped in the winter (envision strikethrough, which stoopid blogger won't let me do in comments)wonder(endinghere) land

  4. Bluebonnets and bugs - we haven't had enough of a freeze to keep their numbers down. And if it remains as unseasonably warm through the summer as it has through the winter, it's going to be miserable in all sorts of other ways, too. So my silver lining has a distinct cloud following it...

  5. Since I'm in Miami, I know from bugs. Mosquitos here could carry off infants. Palmetto bugs are even more charming. But still, I feel your pain, Michael.

  6. Michael, I cordially invite you to accompany my new acquisition of an Epic Head Cold (1) and Lowest NYC Winter Temps (3) and *get bent*. You and the guy from Houston I just spoke with who was complaining about 40-degree weather. I have my coat on inside. Inside, people.

    I guess this way we know all our mosquito eggs are freezing to death up here. :p

  7. And you don't get the snails and slugs that ravish the butterfly bushes and the rest of the garden all year here in San Jose CA. The hermaphroditic little bastards can't take being frozen. (OK, I admit I'm trying to think of good things about a frozen climate.)

  8. Mutzali wins for attempting to cheer me up with slugs. LOL!


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