Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Patriarchy Just Wants to Protect Your Pretty Little Face

You know why women shouldn't leave their homes, let alone be politicians? It's not because the patriarchy loses a little more power every time a woman stands up to be counted, it's because women getting shot upsets the poor little mens. Much more so than men getting shot.

We should elect old men to Congress — craggy, musty old men. And if they got shot, it wouldn’t feel so bad. Gabrielle Giffords is a pretty young woman, and no doubt she is capable and intelligent, but I feel protective toward her and it hurts me more to think of her critical wounds than if she was a man.

First of all, if she were a man. WERE! Gah!

Secondly, what kind of fucked up are you that you value attractive women over men? I feel the same about an old man being shot as I do about an attractive younger woman being shot because I actually value human life. You do not. I do feel worse about children being shot, but that's different. Children =/= to . . . oh, fuck, to you children are equal to women, aren't they*? And you're just doing us all a favor by making sure we have no access to power. Because it would hurt your widdle feelings extra if something happened to us.

I’m not sure about old men necessarily, but men are more suited to higher political office, and not because women are incompetent. Leaving aside other more important reasons, there is danger involved. A man’s life is not less valuable than a woman’s, but something in us instinctively feels greater offense at a woman being attacked than a man and that something is a realistic awareness that women are less capable of defending themselves.

Men are more capable of defending themselves from automatic weapons? Last time I checked, men are not made of Kevlar, you misogynist fuck. (Yes, the writer is a woman, and yes, she is a misogynist fuck.) There is an amusing story about the first female Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir. Israel was having a problem with rape at the time, so other male leaders suggested that women be subject to a curfew in order to protect them. She replied that it would make more sense to put a curfew on the men, since they were the ones committing the rapes. That ended any talk of curfew.

My point being that the problem isn't that women are politicians. It's that people sometimes shoot politicians, male or female. We don't solve that problem by getting rid of politicians (although that would solve a lot of other problems), we get rid of people who shoot politicians. They are the criminals, after all.

I hate the smell of misogyny in the morning.

*Children you can fuck! It doesn't take long for the patriarchy to get creepy, does it?


  1. "Gabrielle Giffords is a pretty young woman, and no doubt she is capable and intelligent, but I feel protective toward her and it hurts me more to think of her critical wounds than if she was a man."

    THIS. This is exactly why I always find it ironic (and annoying) when people say it's feminists who hate men. Jesus.

    Anti-feminists either give each other a free pass to hate men (and women, natch), or they genuinely think it's not hateful to view men as expendable cannon fodder.

  2. "and no doubt she is capable and intelligent" - no way, you can't be a "pretty young woman" AND be "capable and intelligent". Everyone knows it's one or the other. There's no madmen shooting women in the kitchen. So that's where they should stay obviously.

    Also "women are less capable of defending themselves" - Don't tell Beth Phoenix, Awesome Kong, Laila Ali, Kim Couture (who fought three more rounds after getting a broken jaw). I mean even those awesome women aren't bullet-proof but the idea that women are less capable (in general) of defending themselves is a ridiculous stereotype. It comes down to the situation, who the woman is etc. But there are many, many, many, many women out there who are strong physically and could totally squash most average joes.

  3. you know that the REAL problem is that she was a woman of "childbearing age"
    and if she died, she COULDN'T HAVE CHILDREN
    and the WHOLE WORLD is based around women having babies.

    all else is Mamon. at least, to a certain flavor of bugfuckinsane. sadly, that flavor? is taking over.

    fuck that, fuck HER and her "oh, poor widdle womens can't PROTECT THEMSELVES" because you KNOW when a woman gets RAPED, this woman is going to say "well, she didn't fight back so SHE WANTED IT" totally IGNORING her current theory that women *can't* defend themselves, because the ONLY time women can't defend themselves is when fucking hypocrite fundies are using it as a way to force us back to the kitched, the rest of the time women CAN defend themselves [according to fundies] and do it BETTER than men, which is WHY they think rape is the victims fault, because everyone KNOWS women are SO GREAT at defending themselves from rapists who are bigger, stronger, and have drugs

    i'm not making sense, sorry....


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