Friday, January 14, 2011

I Guess the Horoscope Changes Sent Some People Right Over the Edge

I just had this conversation. For reals:

Caller: I'm sending a fax to [redacted], is his secretary there?

Me: No, there's nobody in his office right now.

Caller: Where is she?

Me: She had to run out to the notary.

Caller: Is [redacted] there?

Me: No, he's at a closing.

Caller: I need to send a fax, but I'm not putting a cover sheet on it, could you stand by the fax machine and get it?

Me: No, I'm sorry, but I'm answering phones right now.

Caller: What should I do?

Me: If you put a cover sheet on it, I'll look for it when I'm done answering phones and put it in his box.

Caller: There's no other way to do this?

Me: Not really, no.

Caller: I don't just want these rambling around the office. These are client accounts.

Me: Sir, we're a law office. We get confidential faxes all day long. If you put a cover sheet on it, I will personally make sure it gets to [redacted].

Caller: Okay, I'll put a blank sheet of paper on top.

Me: Please put his name on it, so I'm sure it's for [redacted].

Caller: I can't do that! *click*

Why I just had this conversation, I have no idea. I do have an idea what's going to happen to that fax. I'm going to put it in the top box, which is not [redacted's]. [Redacted's] box is at the bottom. Standard procedure for mystery faxes is to put them in the top box. Basically, each attorney looks at, and if it's theirs, they take it, if it's not theirs, they initial it and move it down a box. If it doesn't belong to the person in the last box, they initial it and we put it in the mystery fax file. Nobody is particularly quick about this. [Redacted] should get that fax sometime in March.

By the way, I'm the new (or very old) 13th sign. (Yes, I know, it really only applies to people born after 2009, but fuck you, I'm special.)


  1. Here ya go for your enjoyment PF:

  2. I just love (read "am pained by") the commentator who says that, since their personality fits Scorpio, not Libra, the astronomy must be wrong.
    Take desk. Now, rapidly apply head.

  3. {insert joke about special buses here}

  4. i think i'll just stick with being an Aquarius - i gots a WHOLE AWESOME SONG from HAIR [and since i have 5 feet 5 inches of hair...]

    who ACTUALLY cares? [aside of my love for the song, i mean...] it's all silly, anyway


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