Friday, January 21, 2011

The Problem Isn't That He Called Her Fat

I love that Kim Clijsters called this asshat on his unwarranted, unprofessional and misogynist remarks about her body, but I have noticed something disturbing. Everyone seems to interpret this as "he called her fat! never ask a woman if she is pregnant- it's calling her fat!"

Um, no. Todd Woodbridge made a remark about the size of Ms. Clijster's breasts. That was inappropriate. Commenting on women's breasts in this context is rude, disgusting, harrassing and ultimately misogynistic*. It's not an issue of calling her fat.

It seems as if the people at Sports Center have fully bought the idea that Mr. Woodbridge has the right to say anything he wants about a woman's body- as long as he doesn't hurt her silly feelings by implying she's fat.

Fuck off, Sports Center.

*Yes, yes, I know. It's totally cool to tell your lover you like her breasts. That is, however, different. If I have willingly shown you my breasts, I am inviting you to say something nice about them- to me. Only to me.

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