Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spock May Have Given Me an Unnatural Lust for Pointed Ears

but when I was 12, I so wanted to marry DeForest Kelley. Who else could put so much pathos into"He's dead, Jim" every time another Redshirt died to prove this danger is really real? And his unwavering determination to save every man, woman, child and telepathic rock that he ran into? Inspiring.


  1. I loved that telepathic tock creature epsisode. But it was Spock who communicated with it, right? Rocky wasn't telepathic on its own.

  2. I believe that was the Horta episode? Hortas were the rock creatures-and yes, Spock spoke to them through the Vulcan mind-meld. Miners were destroying the egg cache.

    I loved that episode also.


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