Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here's Your Problem Right Here

This article contains one paragraph that explains everything that is wrong with the way Catholic hospitals (they're everywhere, and many women's only choice) are run:

Since 1971, Catholic hospitals have been guided by the Ethical and Religious Directives , which detail religious and moral justifications for care extending from conception to death. The interpretation of those directives is the responsibility of ethics committees at the hospitals, and the final arbiter is the local bishop. [emphasis mine.]

Stop and read that again. Who is the final arbiter concerning necessary, even life-saving, medical procedures? A bishop?! Are bishops doctors? Doctors in every possible specialty? No. Are bishops chosen for their unique understanding of diseases, conditions, medical procedures and the like? No. Are bishops ever likely to face a life threatening pregnancy or gynecological issue? No. Are bishops even likely to closely know anyone facing a life threatening pregnancy or gynecological issue? No.

In other words, bishops have no knowledge or training that would make them more able to make such a decision, certainly no more than the woman herself, her doctor, or the ethical board of a hospital, but bishops are the final authority in such matters. And you, or someone you love, may very well find yourself at the mercy of such a man, with no other option available to you.



  1. I did not realize this. How very frightening indeed.

  2. those Bishops are *insane*

    my sister NEEDS a hysterectomy. they won't let her have one. her husband works at a Catholic hospital, and this, their INSURANCE is thru said hospital, and they "DO NOT pay for "birth control". even MEDICALLY NECESSARY PROCEDURES that may APPEAR to be "birth control"

    [when they appealed to the Bishop, he said "but you're so young, and only have 1 child - you'll be wanting more any day now." my sister was *floored* - her uterus is so very fucked up, it's not even possible for an egg to IMPLANT]

    because, after, all women should do is fucking breed. and if they want to get out of it for their health, a "chaste and celibate" priest who has never had children [at least in theory] because he's never had sex [again with the theory] *KNOWS BETTER* than ANY woman who's given birth. or even just MIGHT give birth.

    i'm convinced that the Catholic Church still subscribes to the "wandering womb" BS myth, and think women should be pregnant at all times to keep their wombs pinned in place, so that they won't go eating any fruit. or some shit.


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