Friday, January 21, 2011

Gonna Be a Good Day

That's how far up the unshoveled snow came on me: past my ankles. (My ankles look like I'm smuggling hamsters in my boots because I have on 3 pairs of socks and my boot cut jeans are tucked in there. I'm not retaining 50 gallons of water or something.)

That is my bus stop. It's so nice how the gas station uses it as a handy snow storage space.

That is the reason they cancelled school today. If you live in a warm climate, that probably looks pretty bad, but in northeastern Pennsylvania in January, that's a nicely plowed street. In fact, I was awakened at 5:00 this morning by the plow. I live on a one block long dead end street, so if we get plowed, we get plowed last. The main roads had to have been plowed hours before that. Our school superintendent seems to regard snow the way my dog does: OHGODGETITAWAYFROMMEEEEEE!!!1!!!eleventy!!! In fairness to my dog, he has to stand around naked in it. I'm not sure what the superintendent's excuse is.

I have the Super Pigbird Death Flu. I think. With all of my chronic health problems, a simple head cold tends to feel like Ebola, so maybe it's just Pig Death Flu. It's 14F (-10C) right now, and when I stepped outside I was in raging fever mode and all, "It's so nice outside! I don't need this hat. Or scarf. Or coat. Yay!" That lasted until I got to the bus stop, at which point I began shivering uncontrollably and praying for spontaneous combustion.

It's gonna be a great day, I can tell.


  1. Currently fighting off headcold and intestinal ickiness, so I feel your pain. Get better!

  2. !!!
    my problem is i start to hurt once the snow decides to head this way, and hurt while it snows, then hurt anew [some more, it's just added on] as the snow moves away - that whole "changing weather" problem.
    i'd think you'd have that too - but horrible colds [i am the SAME WAY - hence my addiction to flu shots, which are NECESSARY anymore, i swear... and all they really do is insure it's "less bad". sigh]

    and - our streets look the same, and they canceled school, and everything, too.

    so. puzzled. and i GREW UP IN CALIFORNIA! where snow is a thing one drives TO, not THRU.

    i think the school super just wanted a day off.

    if only EVERYONE got the day off, when schools closed [you ever notice how freaking UNFAIR it is, when schools close, PARENTS get a day off work. well, parents in better jobs, low paid parents get to pay extra child-care].
    it's like 0F here now [which is -something C, i can't do math when it's the cold, i'm the opposite of a Discworld Troll] and it woulda been SWEET if Pete could have stayed home and kept me warm...


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