Monday, July 27, 2009

Back In the Saddle

Yes, it's a weird pic. Of course, when one is trying to not include the outbreak of shingles* on one's chin, weird in guaranteed. Anyway, glasses, check. Short hair, check.

*The dreaded vaccine debate. I'm not going to tell you how to raise your children, but if you don't vaccinate them for chicken pox, shingles is what they have to look forward to. Nothing like a little searing pain and intractable itch to make pneumonia even worse.


  1. Welcome back. Pneumonia + shingles does sound pretty unpleasant.

  2. Yeah, that sucked. and if i did believe in god, i'd have to believe he hated me, because that was my scheduled vacation.

  3. A friend of mine has shingles. I would not wish that on anyone. I'm glad the little one had the misfortune of catching Chicken Pox on her 1st birthday. Better that than the alternative.

  4. Also, love the glasses! I like seeing another gal wearing glasses, I feel like an oddball sometimes.

  5. Thank you! I now actually have 2 pair, because it turns out I need bifocals (at 33!), and I just refuse.

  6. Glad you are back PF. Sorry about the shingles and pneumonia, ugh. The glasses look good. I don't wear my glasses enough, probably because I prefer contacts.

  7. Ha ha! You're not dead!

    Wait. That was totally the wrong way to go with that one. Why did I ever decide to make Nelson Muntz my role model for life?

  8. Oh gracious. Where did you pick up the varicella zoster? The hospital? I swear, those places are nothing up giant petri dishes.

    Glad you're back, mucho sorry about the shingles. (Um. And the pneumonia.) Perhaps to raise your spirits BeamStalk will give you a fashion show of the various Atheist Militia uniforms?

  9. Don't feel bad, I wear bifocals too, and I'm only 32. I felt so old when I got them.

  10. where's my fashion show, BeamStalk? and i better be getting epaulets!

    i wouldn't get bifocals. i got reading glasses and regular glasses. no fucking way. then again, i don't drive, so it's not a safety issue if i have the wrong glasses on me.

  11. Try to stay strong every way you can, because shingles can just sort of sap you if you let it.
    Hope you make a quick recovery!

  12. "I'm not going to tell you how to raise your children"

    I will...



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