Friday, July 17, 2009

Fail, Fail Again, Persecution Edition

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If you've been following this blog for a while, you may remember Angela Rockwood aka Beetlebabee, who fights the good fight against gay teens. (Because somebody has to stop them!) Recently, Angie has hooked up with Mass Resistance (a group the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes as a hate group), which I could write a book about, but other bloggers have done it better than I could, and Mass Resistance's hatefulness isn't the issue here.

The issue here is Angie's hilarious persecution complex. That's right, the same woman who champions any cause that seeks to oppress gays, including minor children, who are the primary targets of Mass Resistance, is quick to call "persecution!" at any opportunity, as evidenced here:

At comment 34, Joel Bailey asks (about a photo of a minor child wearing a T-shirt with "His Name Shall Fall" on it):

Anyone know what the “His Name Shall Fall” T-shirt is a reference to? I assume it’s regarding religion, but not sure…

Joel Bailey may not be sure, but Angie is:

Joel, it probably is a religious reference unfortunately. The same sex marriage movement has an anti religion stance, and they’re especially hostile toward Christians.

Hilariously, "His Name Shall Fall" is not a reference to religion, but rather to a local heavy metal band. From their website:

His Name Shall Fall is a metal/hardcore band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The band was first put together in the summer of 2006. The band's original lineup was Mario on drums, Phillipe on guitar, Evan on bass and Shawn on guitar. After well establishing their name in the community (originally as Fourth Lie), the band realized things were becoming more serious and decided to change their style as a more heavy metal/hardcore band.

They changed their name to His Name Shall Fall and went through some lineup changes in 2008: Nick was added as the guitarist and Phillipe dropped as being the guitarist and went to vocals. With this lineup, they went on to play The Worcester Palladium twice and play a butt load of shows all over MA. Late 2008, Shawn decided to drop from the band. It was his own decision and we wish him the best of luck. Not long after, the band recorded their first EP. Early 2009, Steve was added to play guitar. The lineup has been the same ever since. Later in 2009 His Name Shall Fall will record their debut full length. The band has now firmly established their name in Massachusetts and continue to play shows all around the state. They have had great success and support from all their fans. Please promote the band by moshing and all out having a good time by going to their shows!

In conclusion, I'd just like to say, Angie, we don't hate religion, we just hate you, and everybody else who sees minor children as fair game for their political machinations and bigotry.


  1. A Google search for "His Name Shall Fall" tells me, not surprisingly, that it's a band.

    Judging by the naming conventions, and the fact they only have Myspace, I'd say it's an indie emo band. I could be wrong about that, but I guessed it was a band and an emo band before I Googled it. I also assumed it didn't have a damn thing to do with religion, at least for the kid wearing the shirt.

  2. Damn. I should read the whole post before commenting...

  3. Actually, you proved that any normal person would not assume "persecution!"

  4. Come on PF, we all know that dissent = persecution. Just because it wasn't exactly like she said, it was still persecution somehow.

  5. Actually, you proved that any normal person would not assume "persecution!"

    True. I also proved that I've pretty much forgotten about the existence of metal. "His Name Shall Fall" is actually more metal than emo, which would have been, like, "His Fallen Heart of Tears" or "Fallen Name" or something.

    Although, to be fair, a lot of metal bands have names that are specifically designed to be offensive to Christians. It's part of the schtick.

    Hmmm, is there a random band name generator out there?

    it was still persecution somehow.

    Well, yeah. If you're not for them you're against them...

  6. I love Beetlebabee, she is yet another person wandering around out there who makes me feel normal.
    Honestly, these people would be stunned to find out how many people out there don't hate them. In fact, most people couldn't give a flying rat's ass about Christians. Funny thing, that.

  7. The way these people go on, you'd think we all spent our time either throwing darts at pictures of jesus or burning bibles.

    sorry guys, neither.

  8. Honestly, these people would be stunned to find out how many people out there don't hate them. In fact, most people couldn't give a flying rat's ass about Christians.

    Fundagelical Christians are a remarkably self-absorbed bunch. I believe it's a byproduct of being told that god has nothing better to do than sit around and wait for you to call and will literally (in a figurative sort of way) move mountains if you ask. The fact that most Bible studies are reduced to people taking turns saying, "I believe this passage says..." or, "I think it's cool that..." also gives the general impression that the only thing that matters about this book that's so damn important is what YOU think it says.

    Therefore, the individual believer is encouraged to believe he or she is god.

    So, of course, everyone else is looking at them all the time. Even when we're not.

  9. thats... Geds, that's really interesting. and i know a lot of people that might actually be truth for. my best friend was raised very fundy Christian (she is slowly getting better) and her mother - who has never met me or exchanged *any* communication with me (other than the one time i offered my spare room for her use thru best friend, and BF's mom turned me down before BF finished the offer) *HATES* me, because she says that i am anti-Christian, am a Satanist, and am trying to turn best friend from a Good Christian Woman(tm) into a Satanist.
    actually, some of that is because i had been trying to get BF to leave her abuse husband for a while, and while BF relayed that i wanted her to divorce, she didn't tell them about the *why* until she did it.

    but, really and truly, this woman hated me from the first moment BF told her i wasn't Christian. she doesn't even know what religion i *do* have - just that i am not Christian. and there are lots and lots of Christians who react very much like she does...

  10. Honestly, these people would be stunned to find out how many people out there don't hate them. In fact, most people couldn't give a flying rat's ass about Christians. Funny thing, that.

    Exactly! I think it's called NARCISSISM, the idea that the subject is the centre of the universe and that all that's said pertains him or her.

    But regardless of what's called, we know for sure that it is a psychological disorder of some sort produced by the belief in a hyper-vigilant, abusive God.

  11. If the fundies dislike His Name Shall Fall they'll love Lamb Of God*

    *formerly Burn The Priest ;-)


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