Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Can't Prove a Negative

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Does the bible rot your brain or something?

I ask this because our good friend Makarios has descended to a new level of stupidity with his latest post.

Atheists are fond of saying, “You can’t prove a negative like, “There is no God in the universe, or anywhere else for that matter.”” That's not what "you can't prove a negative" means. I can't prove there isn't a god, or gods for that matter. I can't possible go everywhere in the universe, look at everything and come back and tell you about it. I can only say that I have seen all the same evidence you have seen, and I have not seen god in any of it.

We could add to this,.
There is no spare tire in my vehicle.
There is no fruit in the fridge.
There is no oxygen in that container.
No neutrinos have ever passed through my body.
You get the idea.

This is just asinine. Obviously, I can look in your vehicle, the fridge and the container. I have no idea how to prove whether or not neutrinos have ever passed through Makarios' body, but I'll bet somebody does. I cannot, however, do the same with god. I can't look in the fridge, the car or the container for god. If I could, we wouldn't be having this argument, now would we?

Makarios then ups the stupid to heretofore unseen levels with this next sweeping characterization:

In a manner typical of racists, people who atheists derisively call “camel jockeys,”

I am not a racist. I have never called anyone a "camel jockey". I have never even considered calling someone that, nor have I ever written the phrase before today. When I'm done here, I'm going to go wash my hands. How dare he call me, and every other atheist, a racist? How dare he? This is the fruit by which I will know Makarios to be a christian?

Makarios, you make atheism look better every time you post.


  1. Like I said on his blog, a very clear case of classic Freudian Projection.

    A psychological defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else. It is a common process that every person uses to some degree.

    Compartmentalization, splitting and projection are ways that the ego continues to pretend that it is completely in control at all times, when in reality human experience is one of shifting beingness, instinctual or territorial reactiveness and emotional motives, for which the "I" is not always complicit. Further, common in deep trauma, individuals will be unable to access truthful memories, intentions and experiences, even about their own nature, wherein projection is just one tool.

  2. Oh, darn it.

    Beamstalk said what I was going to say....


  3. And besides, in some instances you *can* prove a negative. Like, "Prove you weren't at Joe's Bar on Saturday night when the murder took place." Simple. You provide an alibi and evidence for where you were. However, in the instance of Makarios and Christianity...Atheists aren't *required* to prove a negative. *Christians* have the burden of proof. Don't let em get away with shoving it off onto you. Push it right back and say, "Yup, that's freakin' heavy isn't it?"

  4. O so weird. This post reminds me of this time I opened my fridge and God was sitting there beside my cranberry juice eating my leftover spaghetti.

  5. Have I mentioned before that Makarios is a douche? If not then "he's a douche". If so then this just proves my point.

  6. Honestly, I'm no astrophysicist or expert in quantum mechanics, but even I know that no one is really stating that everything came from nothing and that means god doesn't exist. Which I believe is the argument he is using yet again later on in his post. I think. I'm not sure because reading his drivel is like trying to thread a needle with barbed wire, you can do it but it is hard and going to hurt.
    Why do these people keep falling back on the same argument over and over. Oh, right, because they don't have another one.
    Thanks Makarios for once again giving us religious people a bad name. Dork.

  7. Yeah, Makarios is really going off the deep end lately. Which, considering his earlier screeds, is impressive indeed.

    I really am beginning to suspect that he may be a Poe.

  8. I think he's fourteen. Sure he claims to be a retired counselor and all, but it'd be easier to believe the bible than that.

  9. A Poe? Certainly possible. The projection argument also works. To be honest, I'm really not sure. He seems bright enough, but that doesn't mean much.

    As a Christian who apparently enjoys trolling Atheists, he's unique in my experience. (Prior to him, my experience was that Atheists tended to troll Christian boards, and Christians tended to proselytize on Atheist boards. Not everyone, obviously, just the obnoxious minority of both groups.) Makarios doesn't seem particularly interested in converting anyone; mostly he talks about how stupid and/or illogical you'd have to be in order to be an Atheist, with the occasional post about how wonderful God/Jesus is/are thrown in for variety.

    Still, Poe or not, there's something to be said for not feeding the trolls. (And yes, I realize that saying that while posting responses on his blog is a tad hypocritical.)

  10. Religion has nothing to do with racism. Calling someone from Saudi Arabia a camel jockey might be considered a racist term, however, that's more a stereotype, and besides Saudi Arabia is a country not a race. Giving someone with a particular religious bent a funny name isn't racism, its just funny.

    Long live the Llamas!


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