Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tehran Jange

iran, protests, tehran, jange, ahmadinejad, dinner jacket
I bet you didn't know there was Iranian hip hop, did you? In all seriousness, the protests continue, and people are still being injured and killed. Twitter #iranelection for the latest news.


  1. Holy crap this video is good. One issue I have with modern hip-hop is its lack of social relevance--too many songs about the joys of wealth or the desirability of potential sex partners. Perhaps the future of good hip-hop is in the hands of guys like these Iranians, who use their music to demonstrate their anger at what Ahmadinejad's regime is doing to their country and their lives!

    Also, that shot of an Iranian guy pissing on a picture of the Ayatollah was absolutely priceless.

    If you ever find or make a translation of the words to this rap, I'd like to read them!

  2. hi

    yes,there is rainbow in iran too.but your picture is so beutiful than rainbows that i have seen.the protests in iran have become so weak.because the government suppressed unrest political for to maitain its position.

  3. Wow. I really did enjoy every single word of this song, specially when the Low voices goes, agha poshte bange, refering to Khamenei and his Opium Addiction.

    These Guys, CyrusMafia according to Wikipedia on PersianRap is an iside Iran group, consisting of several members, many of them anounymus and unknows, other membernames such as Fer2.30 and Shir is known.

    These Guys really took Persian Rap a step further with this song. Great!!!


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