Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to Fail, Population: Ray Comfort

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I know I should stop reading anything written by Ray Comfort. I just need to stop. Preferably before his idiocy causes me to headdesk myself into a coma.
His post on science/NASA, oddly, has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus, God, the Bible or, well, anything. And yet it's possibly the most infuriating thing he's ever written. (I know, it's amazing.)

A recent news item said, "Scientists have detected that New Zealand was moved about 30cm (12 inches) closer to Australia by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the Tasman Sea last week." I really wish this guy would link something. I'm not even sure you're allowed to quote people like that without attribution. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's plagiarism. Anyway, the whole freakin' island moved? Awesome! I bet there were some very surprised sheep that day. And being sheep, they showed it by continuing to eat grass and look stupid.

There was another report saying, " . . . on the west coast of the South Island and a 2-inch tsunami reported in the Tasman Sea to the north of the epicenter, according to the U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center." again, total lack of attribution. and i still can't figure out what his point is . . . wait, it's the end of the world as we know it! right? the rapture? four horsemen of the apocalypse?

A whole country moved 12 inches, and a two-inch tsunami. Wow. And people wonder why we lose faith in modern science when they come up with such silliness. nope. why is the movement of an island and a tsunami scientific "silliness"? Is Ray trying to say those things didn't happen? what . . . wtf?

Think of the incredible achievement of landing a man on the moon. yeah, that was pretty cool, huh? especially considering that the computers they used were collectively less powerful than my xbox. When it happened, it was a huge deal. still a big deal, Ray. i mean, c'mon, the moon! have you ever been to the moon? have you ever been to reality? What do we have to show for it 40 years later? WE WERE ON THE MOON! A cure to cancer? A cure for the common cold? A permanent solution for starving nations? why would landing on the moon produce any of those things? what does Ray suppose NASA's mission is, exactly? it's taking things from earth and shooting them off into space. they succeeded. repeatedly. Nope. We have rocks. Moon rocks. see, now i would have said that MOON ROCKS! FROM THE MOON! HOW COOL IS THAT? THE MOON! yeah, i totally wanted to be an astronaut when i was a kid. actually, I wanted to be Uhura, but astronaut seemed the closest achievable goal. i was five.

The CAT scan and a number of other inventions typical of Ray, I had to provide that link came from the space industry, but think of how much more could have been achieved if those billions had been put into pure science instead of rock-finding. okay, can anyone think of a better example of "pure science" than freakin' NASA? apparently, science is only "pure" if it's curing diseases that don't need curing. because millions die every year of the common cold. asshat.

Now they are talking about landing a man on the moon once again. The estimated cost for more rocks--$100 billion dollars. The cost of Ray's evangelism course? $99.95 for the intermediate course. which would you rather fund?

However, knowing the Creator and what He has in store for those that love Him, helps bring all this into perspective. There’s no hurry to check out the universe. We will have eternity to do that. was that non sequitur supposed to tie this post into the stated goal of Ray's blog? i have no idea. i suspect that Ray doesn't, either.


  1. You're supposed to listen BECAUSE RAY SAID IT, THAT'S WHY.

    Glad I could help clear that up.

  2. well, it all makes sense now.

    did you know the erf is six towsand yrs old?

  3. I heard that, but I don't agree. It goes against my theory that the Earth spontaneously popped in to existence last Tuesday, but we all remember things that happened before because it's all an attempt to drive up market cost on the resale market. "Used" things are far less valuable than "antiques," after all...

  4. Remember the Catscan section was added in afterwards after Ray got absolutely reamed on the 'what has Nasa done for me!' rant.

  5. see what happens when i'm laid up with fluid-filled lungs? i miss the good stuff!

  6. Wow that was a hard read. Ray makes my head hurt.

  7. This definitely elicited a *sproing* from my breaking irony meter.

    I... I'm sorry, but what does the movement of New Zealand and a 2" tsunami have to do with NASA? I mean, that question's just for starters.

  8. IMHO, his post makes a bit of sense (not what's written in it, but the topic) when you consider his recent video discussion w/ Thunderfoot. In it Ray pushes a "God-of-the-gaps" response to the unknown and Thunderfoot explains to Ray his PEARL (Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic) worldview and how the fruits of PEARL (science)has benefited mankind. His post reads like something the thought he should have said in response to Tfoot some time after the cameras stopped rolling.

  9. What do we have to show for it 40 years later? A cure to cancer? A cure for the common cold? A permanent solution for starving nations?

    Dear Ray seems to have forgotten that his Omnipotent God hasn't done anything about it either, and that all the trillions devotees have donated to religion could definitely have provided multiple solutions for starvation in poor nations.

  10. Jeez, Lorena, that's hardly god's responsibility . . .

  11. Maybe God will surprise the astronauts upon their return to the moon and God will hold a big welcome back party for them!

    Ray would love that. Stupid science men and their science stuff.

  12. You know, people always talk about the money spent on the space program as if the money went out into space. But you know what? The money went into the economy. We didn't just get rocks from the moon - we got knowledge and thousands of people got paid for their work on it. Then those employees went out and fed their families and bought stuff.

    Comfort was apparently trying to say that all the astrophysicists and whatnot should have pursued medical research degrees instead so as to benefit humanity by curing diseases. Apparently he doesn't understand that people have desires and aptitudes - just because someone is one kind of scientist it doesn't follow that they could be another type instead. Scientists are not Lego blocks, they are what they have an aptitude to be and what they desired and studied to be.

    This gent has put years of effort into hate speech and the purposeful spread of misinformation. Couldn't he have been more helpful to humanity by becoming a medical research scientist or a garbage collector instead of a hate monger?


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