Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Context is Everything

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Hat tip to Bruce*!

تو این قضیه انتخابات ، چیزی که جالب ِ موضع گیری مردم کشور های دیگست .نه اون مردمی که ایرانی هستند و توی کشورهای دیگه زندگی می کنند . اون مردمی که کلاً متعلق به کشورهای دیگه هستند. می خوام براتون یه چیز جالب تعریف کنم. من توی وب سایت پائولو کوئلیو ، نظر دادم و توی فرمش، وب سایتمم گذاشتم. یه دختر آمریکایی نظر منو خوند و توی وبمم نظر داد. می دونید چی اینجا جالبه. این دختر ،نمی تونه فارسی بخونه در نتتیجه نتونسته بود وب منو بخونه و از من خواسته بود که وبشو بخونم. توی وبش اینقدر خوب، با مردم ایران همدردی کرده بود که واقعاً تعجب آور بود و حالا بعد از چند روز و کمی آرام تر شدن جریانات داخلی ، بازم برام نظر گذاشته و گفته هنوز دارم براتون دعا می کنم تا شما هم مثل ما روز استقلال داشته باشید . وبشو میگذارم که اگر شما هم خواستین بخونینش

The above is a blog post by an Iranian named Sarah. At the end is a link to my site. I have no idea what that says. I tried putting it through a translator and got this:

This theorem election you something interesting that the position of countries Dygst. Iranian people nor I are countries دیگه I live. I totally belong to countries who are دیگه. Are defined خوام براتون I do interesting things. My website my Paulo Coelho, I and my comments Frmsh, Web Saytmm put. American girl I Khvnd comment me and I will Vbmm comments. Dvnyd What is fantastic here. This girl, do not wish Bkhvnh in Persian Nttyjh Web Ntvnsth was me and asked me Bkhvnh was Vbshv Bkhvnm. So my good wishes, sympathy with the Iranian people was really surprising was that after a few days now and become a little more relaxed domestic trends, بازم me comments and say that I still pray براتون you like to have our Independence Day be. Vbshv Mygzarm if you Khvastyn Bkhvnynsh.

My point is that the bible is a lot like the above. The bible you've read is a translation of a translation of words written thousands of years ago by people whose lives were entirely unlike our own, originally written in languages now dead. As a historical document, the bible is a fascinating, if confusing, glimpse at times gone by. For any other purpose, well, Vbshv Mygzarm if you Khvastyn Bkhvnynsh.

*clicky the linky, it's an excellent post.

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  1. that is, seriously, the *best* illistration of the point that the Bible is a translation of a translation... that was itself a translation from a different language group, that had not just a different alphabet, but one that doesn't even map closely to our own...


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