Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blitz, Blitz and Blitz Again

Jim Johnson, master of the blitz, passed away today. He will be missed.


  1. I'm thinking that Flight Night is going to be a bit more somber than usual =(

  2. Poor Eagle fans, he was the only thing keeping them in anything. He will definitely be missed.

  3. The Eagles will be ok. He is a big loss but it's not like it was that unexpected.

  4. no, not unexpected. it was his third bout with cancer, and this time it was in his spine.

    poor man. apparently, the pain was unbearable last season, so he sat in the booth instead of standing on the field. JJ was made of steel.

    his replacement was one of his assistants, so it should be all right.

  5. Hey I am a Cowboys fan, I can dream, it is all I have left anymore... *sits in a corner and cries*

    Actually I feel better about this year with TO gone. Now just to get Jerry Jones off the sideline.

  6. TO- HAHAHAHAHAHA! We really got you with that one!

  7. Youre damn skippy he will be missed. What a D Coordinator. How will the Eagles respond? Oh well. They report to training camp next week so we'll find out soon enough.


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