Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Light Reading

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The cold that became pneumonia seems to have eased off a bit, so let's reboot with a little light reading.

Oh, back when the cold was just a cold I did get my hair cut and got my glasses, but I can't seem to upload pictures to blogger from an iphone, so that'll come later. (And I'll change the donate button when I have a screen big enough to see all the html on at once.)

Ray Comfort's latest post:

"Sorry Ray, I do not take my morals from a God who drowns opposing armies in the ocean, killed every living thing on Earth in a global flood, punished humanity for all time for eating a piece of fruit, rained fire and brimstone on entire cities because he didn't like their behavior, killed the first born of an entire nation, and murdered his own son. Thank God he does not exist." askegg

This is the kind of thing that got me in trouble at Catholic school, btw. I would respond to these sorts of stories with horror, easily able to imagine the terror and pain of those god killed in the flood, in the genocides, with fire and brimstone. Even at the age of 6 I was capable of making the leap to understanding that these were people, just like you and me, just like god's chosen. God created everyone, according to the bible, why did he only love a few? And if he was capable of randomly hating his own creations, did he hate me?

Don't ever think too much on bible stories, it will wreck your faith.

It seems that you don’t know your Bible. oh, yes he does. God didn’t "kill every living thing on earth in a global flood." He allowed all the fish, and a family of eight people to be saved. oh, well, then, that makes it all right. hey, hitler was a really nice guy- he allowed a few jews to escape. let's all start celebrating hitler's birthday! He didn’t punish humanity "for all time for eating a piece of fruit." original sin? Adam was punished for his "disobedience" (see Romans 5:19). If you refuse God’s mercy, you too will be punished for your disobedience, not for Adam’s. what's interesting is that ray doesn't link to the actual story in Genesis 3. It's pretty clear all humanity was punished. we were expelled from the Garden of Eden, never to return. Women were punished with pain in childbirth, men were punished by having to work for food. Yeah, we were all punished, Ray.

You are also wrong when you said that "God murdered His own Son." well, god is omnipotent and omniscient. therefore, god knew exactly what would happen. also, according to your theology, Ray, Jesus/god had to be sacrificed to god/god just as jews sacrificed animals to take away sin. apparently, not even ray listens when ray speaks. The Bible says that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Jesus of Nazareth was the Creator in human form okay, was god in jesus or was jesus god? those are two different statements. (see John 1:1, 1 Timothy 3:16). The reason God became a Man was to suffer for the sin of the world (taking the punishment that is due to us). because omnipoent god couldn't change his own rules why? We violated God’s Law (the Ten Commandments), and Jesus paid our fine. That means you can have your case dismissed. ray has no fucking idea how jurisprudence works, clearly. It means you can escape Hell, and receive everlasting life as a gift from God (see Romans 6:23). and why are we condemned to hell in the first place, ray?

God warned the Pharaoh ten times that He would judge Egypt, and hardened pharoah's heart twice to keep it all going. that's right, kids, pharoah wanted to let the israelites go, he wanted to end the plagues. god forced pharoah to keep it going to prove how powerful he was. yeah, that's not psychopathic. and you pin-pointed the reason for God drowning his army. It was because it was an "opposing" army. That's a good lesson for us: oppose and you lose. that's like a heavyweight boxer beating to death a toddler for talking back. not a fair fight. Like Pharaoh, you have been warned (through the Ten Commandments) that God will judge the world because it is at war with Him (see James 4:4). If you refuse to surrender and carry on with your rebellion, God will give you over to what the Bible calls a "reprobate mind." hell? I would hate that to happen to you.

You are right though about the fire and brimstone. The same Justice of God that fell on Sodom and Gomorrah abides on you (see John 3:36), believe it or not. yes, mass murder is always justice. Please, think about your eternal salvation. There's nothing more important. not that i do believe in god, but even if i did, i still wouldn't worship such a cruel, heartless, disgusting monster. i'm also not worshipping hitler or pol pot. get over it, ray.


  1. Like Pharaoh, you have been warned (through the Ten Commandments) that God will judge the world because it is at war with Him (see James 4:4).

    I like that sentence, because like Pharaoh if you actually want to change, God could just harden your heart. Then you have no chance for changing and God condemns you to Hell because he is showing off his power again. That and he loves the smell of burning flesh, it is "pleasing" to him.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. "Personal Failure, back from illness steps up to the plate. Ray looks in, gets the sign from Jesus, and comes set on the mound. Here's the wind, and the pitch...*talking louder and faster* And Personal Failure swings and hits long drive to right center field. Kurt Cameron goes back to the warning track to the wall and...*shouting now*...THAT BALL IS OUTTA HERE! PERSONAL FAILURE WINS PERSONAL FAILURE WINS PERSONAL FAILURE WINS!!!! She took a 2-1 pitch and crushed it to to right center field to put atheism on top, humiliating Comfort and the Evangelicals in the bottom of the 9th. Wow! What a site to behold! I have never seen such heroics and majesty on the baseball diamond!"

    Alright, so I have watched a baseball game in over 48 hours on tv, and am feeling the withdrawal symptoms. I am relating most of my thoughts and ideas to baseball (GO BRAVES!!!) to cope.

  3. Nothing destroys faith better than reading the Bible and thinking about the Christian concept of God. It worked for me.

  4. In god's defense, killing everyone and everything but a few haddock and the Eight Is Enough family was the only way to stop all the inane prayers for birthday ponies, lost keys and politically motivated deaths.

  5. I've found that Christians don't do much thinking and when they do they either A. Stop being Christians or B. Stop thinking about it because they know it will lead them to stop being Christians. I feel bad for them actually. I know how they feel being trapped in that realm of thought. Yes, not all Christians are the same. But, as I said, most don't think too deep about it and that's the only reason they're still there.

  6. My dear, darling lady, I do hope your pneumonia continues to retreat before the awesome power of your mighty immune system.

    Yes, yes. Ray Comfort is both a fool and an unworthy expostulator of any viewpoint. Woe unto Christianity that he has chosen it.

    I have no better place to say this, so I shall say it here. Dear lady, I've named one of my familiars in the Kingdom of Loathing after you. It is my imitation crab, ImpersonalFailure. The imitation crab is a familiar which (by way of symbolizing the depths of my esteem) is quite difficult to obtain. It's a rare drop out of a reasonably hard-to-get item from a creature which lives on the bottom of the sea.

    You sexy, crabby bottom-feeder, you. :)

  7. "Don't ever think too much on bible stories, it will wreck your faith."

    SO true. :) so extremely true...

    and just a thought, animals have pain in childbirth too... why is that? actually i think i'll blog about that very question...

  8. There isn't much left to add. I agree with all the things in the article, it's like I wrote it (-:
    When we talk about fire and brimstone and Jesus slaying people (Luke 19:27) and all the genocide in Old Testament.... The sad thing is that Christians always somehow find a way to justify all this. I don't know how they convince themselves that all these things are right but they really do. That's something I don't understand...


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