Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Constant Rain Sucks

But we are seeing lots of rainbows off my deck this year.


  1. hi my friend
    this rainbow was so beutiful. ilike your pictures on your web.i left your comment about your question on my blog.did you read it? i thought you didn't read it.
    have a good time

  2. We keep getting rain and no rainbows. Though because I live on a ridge I get the most spectacular thunderstorms. This is quite the year for thunderstorms.

  3. My dog is so traumatized by the constant thunderstorms this year he's taken to going to the bathroom in the house, because he's afraid to go outside.

    Not happy. Either of us.

  4. I love good storms. I used to watch them go down the Ottawa river and they were amazing, now we don't get any chain lighting hardly at all :(

    As for rainbows, I got a double just the other day. I had to mess with the photo to get the 2nd one visible though :/

    in case you wanna see it

    Now since it's been such a sucky summer so far, I've decided to take pictures of clouds, lots of clouds and mess with them in my editor. I mean they got to be good for something...


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