Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

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Right now, if you live in the US, you are preparing to celebrate our Independence Day. This will involve hotdogs and hamburgers and a grill, flags and fireworks and family. I know, because I'm getting ready for all that, too. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, because I love summer and cookouts and fireworks, and the Fourth combines all three.

Before you go have your fun, however, please remember the people of Iran. They deserve an independence day, too. They are fighting and dying for democracy, for their votes to be counted, and we can help them. We can do what Sarah asks:

Sarah (from Iran):

dear my friend

i don't know your name,thanks alot supported me and iranian people in your blog,i hope we could reach to peace without murder and fight. please cross you fingers for us. thanks a million for your comment in my blog.

with best wishes for you,


Sarah, we are thinking of you on our Independence Day. We hope you get one soon, too. Stay well, my friend.


  1. There will be no democracy in Iran while they have someone with the title "Supreme Ruler" sounds very dalek like.

  2. hi my frirnd

    i'm surprising with to read your blog all the time. i'm allright. but in iran,protests has become weak.i'm sure,one day we'll beat this goverment.but i don't know when.i'm glad for to have a good friend like you. i hope cross your fingers for us so much.


  3. Hi! Good to see you!

    If not this time, Sarah, it will happen, sooner rather than later. Too much has happened for Iran to return to the way it was before and pretend nothing has changed.


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