Monday, July 6, 2009

What Was That All About?

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Sarah Palin's resignation has produced the same reaction on both sides of the political fence: What was that all about? After that, liberals danced about with glee, and conservatives continued shaking their heads in confusion. Except for the Palinbots, who, well, let's see.

I hope she makes good use of the time this will give her to begin the needed changes in her chosen party. More power to her!! somebody not only followed that ridiculous, disjointed speech, they bought it. wow.

You know...she needs a break. This will be good for her. The libs won't leave her alone - it's been 8 mos since the election and they're still knocking her every opportunity they get. Me thinks they're scared... no, I wouldn't call this "scared". more like appalled and delighted, all at once.

She's just TIRED of the whole thing and places her family above what she's been put through including the latest attack from the John McCain people and I don't blame her.She'll always be a winner in my book.I just wish we had 500 of her kind of politicians in Washington DC.We would be in alot better shape than we are now. so . . . um, you don't know how many people are in the House and Senate, do you? and 501 Sarah Palin's in Washington is clear evidence of the apocalypse.

Great! Now we have no viable women candidates for the Republicans... I know she got a hard wrap and that she is saying it's costing her state too much money, yada yada, but she's showing the public right now that she can't take the heat and the lefties are gonna have a field day with this. a "hard wrap"? and yes, we are having a field day with this.

"What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? LIPSTICK!"Sarah PalinIt seems to me she's just let go of one leg to sink her teeth into the other. Sarah Palin is not a quitter. Like the rest of us, she hates the direction of Washington and she's just made herself available to fully oppose the policy-making. Let the Kool-aid drunks wag their heads and gossip about how she just blew it. What else do we expect from them? she hates the direction of washington? east? what? and how does she now "fully oppose the policy-making"? she just basically became me. if i were capable of fully opposing policy making, gays would be marrying, we'd all have health insurance and the only place you'd see the ten commandments would be in your bible. we clearly do not live in that world.

AMEN I think she is starting her run for POTUS now! Which is very wise against someone as evil as P-BO. The drum beat has to start now! She can just sit back and call him out and and make him spend some of his campain moneys now! GO Palin!! wtf is "P-BO"? and "evil"? really? health care is now evil?

It does not surprise me that she would put her family first and want to remove them from the attacks of the liberal media. It seems children are only "off limits" when they are from the democrat party. Chelsea Clinton anyone?

I as a Christian, would put my marriage and family first before my career. She did mention that she made her decision through "Much prayer". It has the media spinning...because they don't understand the ways of God. I think it's funny personally. I believe the Rapture may very well happen before the next election. Especially with the way things are going now. Look up.... yeah, okay.

Just watched the whole Palin announcement on Fox and I got to tell you I really feel she is going to run for POTUS. She is proving to America that she is not a typical politician like all the other RINO's and D-RAT's. I voted for Palin in 09 who else was with me on this one (McCain thanks for your service to our country but you would not got nearly the votes you did had you not picked Palin) you voted for Plain in 2009? really?

Well, it's obvious at this point that there is a coup going on. The left is eliminating all potential opposition. Democracy, free speech and capitalism have all been destroyed in the last 6 months and no one even notices or cares. Sarah Palin was in a position to fight these "people" and she folded. Who is going to stop them now? you caught us, it's the Liberal Coup(tm)! coups usually involves soldiers and killings, but we like our coups a little more subtle. didn't you just love how we made Ensign and Sandford fuck people against their wills? We're unstoppable!

We'll end with this:

God just showed me in an interesting way that one's family is more important than fighting worldy battles. I think Sarah Palin dropped out because it was a battle she couldn't fight. Really, it's a battle no one can fight except God. I learned a valuable lesson today through Sarah Palin's example.

Yes, dear, quitting is for winners!


  1. Can I wear my snazzy purple uniform for the Liberal Coup? Or are we going with a different color for this particular militant takeover? There are so many that I find I really need to organize my wardrobe carefully.

  2. Did you watch the announcement all the way to the end? Where the hell was she? Her folks' back yard?!

    And what was all that shit about basketball? Is she keeping her eyes on the basket or the ball?

    Most importantly, and I can't stress the importance of this enough, does anyone really care anymore?


  3. i loved that metaphor. "so, really, in order to keep your eye on the basket, you need to remove yourself from the stadium entirely. the farther away from the stadium you are, in fact, the better your chances of winning."


  4. oh, and i'm fairly certain coups are the magenta uniforms.

  5. Do I get a skirt to show off my legs again?

    Palin is a nutter. Remember kids winners always quit or something like that.

  6. on that last comment...isn't family a worldly thing also?

    I asked my Christian friend sitting next to me if he thought the rapture was coming before the next election, and he said sarcastically, "Yes, what do you think the 2012 thing is all about!"

  7. Beam: You can have a skirt, but the Atheist Fashion Committee would like to remind you that miniskirts are tacky unless you're under 19.

  8. Dammit, can I just use my lilac one? Isn't lilac close enough to magenta? I already had it tailored and everything.

    Don't get me started on the 2012 thing. Robert, I'm glad that was sarcasm you heard in your friend's voice.

  9. Oh, good. We have a coup, then they have a coup, then we have a coup... before long, everybody's coup-coup!

    (Joke works better if you read it out loud...)

  10. "Appalled and delighted all at once." Perfectly stated.

    I once tried to convince my gym coach it would be better for me to remove myself from the gym when we played basketball, and I still got three days' worth of detention for attempting to ditch.

    (Came via Fannie's Room.)


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