Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop Being Smart!

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So Makarios finally comes clean about his atheophobia: it's caused by his learning disabled children.

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction, too.

It's like they're caught in a time-warp, showing off to anyone who will listen just how clever they are. It makes me gag. I feel embarrassed - for them! To actually judge another person’s value and worth by that person's level of intelligence or intellectual abilities creates within me a level of disgust that is disturbing even to me. Maybe it’s because six of our seven children are learning disabled. I feel VERY protective of them.

First of all, somebody else's intelligence shouldn't make you feel anything about your children. (Also, learning disabled doesn't mean less intelligent. It just means that you don't pick up and retain information the same way most people do. On average, dyslexics are more intelligent than average. I know all this because two of my nieces are dyslexic.)

Think about this for a second. Suppose I tell Teh Hubby that I want to watch the latest Mark Wahlberg movie because Mark Wahlberg is TEH HOT SO HOT I CAN'T STAND IT- should Teh Hubby be horrible offended that I find somone attractive, that, in fact, other people are attractive? Is Mark Wahlberg's physical attractiveness in some way offensive? Should Mark Wahlberg's so very fine muscles make Teh (quite average) Hubby feel less?

The answer to these questions is no.

I think what Makarios is getting at is that atheists (well, atheists with blogs, I suppose) demand proof and logic and stuff instead of bald assertions and feelings. And that makes him feel bad . . . because his kids . . . have feelings?

I'm sorry your children have learning disabilities. My nieces struggle with dyslexia and I know it's very hard. However, that does not excuse your hatred of atheists.


  1. One of my neighbor's daughters is learning disabled, as is my boss's son. Neither of these children make me hate anyone. They are both perfectly lovely children. Of course I also don't get mad because other people are smart. What a sad man.

  2. Exactly. There will always be people smarter than you, more educated than you, more attractive than you, more successful than you, etc., etc.

    Get over it.

  3. There's something seriously wrong with this guy. For all the screeching and wailing he does about how horrible atheists are for not drinking his particular brand of kool-aid, he's pretty flagrant about his contempt for actually being a Christian.

  4. This guys just needs to come clean about the fact that he hates everyone.

  5. I would feel better about generalized misanthropy. At least it wouldn't be bigotry.

  6. My girlfriend's daughter is autistic. Makarios is dumb. Non-sequitur anyone?

  7. I think we are smart, and we sound smart. But Makarios thinks we're bluffing because he isn't smart enough to understand us.

  8. Well, first of all...Makarios is making the huge assumption that atheists are prideful assholes who spout off just to hear themselves talk and show everyone how apparently smart they are. Wow, *that's* not shooting one's mouth off now is it? Sheesh.

  9. Envy will make people contort the object of their frustration. You can see the same thing in cases of sexual jealousy*, with the envious blaming the person they are attracted to or anything else that frustrates their advances.

    * A bit of a misnomer - jealousy is the fear of loss of something someone already has, yet the "sexually jealous" usually aren't getting any.

  10. Growing up in a fundy world with an intelligent brain and uncontrollable (at the time) diarrhea of the mouth was a frequently painful experience, in part because of jerks with Makarios's attitude. For those who have bitter envy against smarty-pantstes, demonstrating one's intelligence is taken as a personal attack. Even if one does it, as I did, in the process of making a complete laughingstock of oneself.

    Yes, there are "new atheists" who are equally rude and obnoxious--but there's large numbers of bad apples on both sides of the religion / atheism barrel. So isn't the more excellent way to just shrug and conclude that the rude, mean people, on the internet at least, balance one another out?

  11. So isn't the more excellent way to just shrug and conclude that the rude, mean people, on the internet at least, balance one another out?

    When studies (e.g. 'Atheists as "Other"', Edgell et. al. 2006 - American Socialogical Review, Vol. 71 pp. 211-234) show animus against atheists being so disproportionately high, no.

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  13. 'm with Fiat Lex.

    Smart people do arise feelings of inferiority on others; particularly, those with a darn good inferiority complex. Which makes me wonder about Makarios' mental health!

    It makes me wanna pray for the poor thing ;)

  14. not to insult anyone here... but who said *all* atheists are highly intelligent? sure, most are, because to escape religion altogether one needs to fight the planted BS with logic - but especially now, there are more and more people who grow up with atheist parents... and even discounting those who were raised with atheism, i have met some *very* clueless, or *very* ignorant atheists...

    but it sounds like M is saying that the *problem* is that ALL Atheists are SMARTER THAN HIM. not *just* smarter than his kids - but smarter than him.

    snd, um - i mean, unless one possesses a certain mindset where smart = *bad*, i am failing to see what the Real World problem is. i mean, obviously M has a problem with a group of people that are not only smarter than he, but who aren't afraid of people *knowing* they are smart...

    of course, given that the issue is that all atheists are smarter than *M*, my above statement that some atheists aren't hyper-intelligent doesn't seem to have much of a point......


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