Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All You Need Is Love*

I'm not sure who Stuart Schwartz from American Thinker is, exactly, but I fear that he may be a visitor from some other universe somewhat like ours, but different in many important ways, Fringe-style. If that's true, we're going to be at war with the residents of a dying alternate universe Earth really soon, and I'm not sure we're prepared for that.

Obama's Government Without Love Dude, the title is snarkable! I mean, as opposed to Bush's Government Loveapalooza? I'm sure the noble citizens of Iraq might take issue with that particular description of 2000-2008.

God made it official through Paul, the first century rabbi who dabbled in community organizing, that "love is more important than anything else." The Doobie Brothers (neither rabbis nor community organizers) rephrased it for the modern age: "Without love, where would you be now, without love?"

The . . . the . . . Doobie Brothers?

This question was answered by Barack Obama and Democratic Party leadership as they sat around the Blair House banquet table at the health care summit this past Thursday, determined to push and pull a protesting citizenry into a loveless future.

A loveless future filled with affordable health care, the fiends! It's like they want us all to live healthy, productive lives- Why, Mr. Obama, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????

Welcome to the United States of Obama. Without love, this is where we are now. Why do I not get these memos? I am a card-carrying pinkoSocialistDemocRATheist, so why am I not on the mailing list?

Gone is the love of the founders for individuals "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights." It has been replaced by the derision of a political and media elite -- David Brooks of the New York Times proudly calls this the "intellectual class" -- determined to control every part of the lives of those they judge "too dumb" (Time magazine) to be allowed choice.

Yes, those of us suffering and dying from treatable illnesses simply because we can't pay for treatment are thanking our lucky stars for the choice to do so. Sure. We're thrilled.

And so choice is no longer to be an option in health and medical services. As the Blair House summit showed, Obama and congressional leaders relentlessly continue to push government control over individuals, all the while adding to their personal power and wealth through confiscatory taxes and regulation. i'm not sure how regulation can be confiscatory (See also: rules, grammar), but how is that different from the last 8 years of Republican rule? the Repugs did it with a song in their heart? what?

Without love, the average citizen is biodegradable fuel It's made of people! for the lifestyles of the elite and powerful. wow, that's um . . . interesting. this alternate earth you live on is horrifying. i can see why you'd prefer to be here, where the preceding statement is NOT true. And it is why an 86-year-old New Jersey senator gets life-saving cancer surgery to be denied under the proposed Obamacare rules for the rest of us. And once Obamacare is established, he would still get the surgery -- while a senior not in Congress will not. really? prove that. i dare you. just what do you think is going on right now, anyway? people without health care don't get life saving cancer surgery, and insurance companies do everything they can to save money (death panels, anyone?), so even people with insurance aren't getting treatments they need. right now. this minute. under the system you love so very much.

No love for the sheep. Our elite shepherds have developed a taste for rack of lamb and use our taxes to buy the mint jelly. The Democratic contribution to the Ritual Decalogue of Judeo-Christian tradition: Thou shalt cook a goat in the mother's milk. what does that even mean? i'm serious, i have no fucking idea what this means. it's . . . i dunno.

The Obamacare summit showcased rationing for those officially proclaimed less desirable, increased taxes, and vast new federal bureaucracies. Obamacare will create 400,000 new jobs "almost immediately," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crowed. rationing is going on right now. if you like the system we have in place, you like rationing. so, rather than asking you to prove the rationing proposed in health care reform, i'm just going to say STFU. oh, and 400,000 new jobs in the midst of 10%+ unemployment is a GOOD thing.

And so the nine-year-old son of the golfing partner of President Obama is cut while surfing in Hawaii and is immediately rushed to the hospital at taxpayer expense. But in Chicago, low-income children are turned away from the University of Chicago hospitals. They are forced to take public transportation to other hospitals as the result of a scheme by hospital executives to "cherry-pick wealthy patients over poor," as the the American College of Emergency Physicians put it.

This is what health care reform is supposed to fix. by opposing any kind of reform, you are saying that you want to keep this in place. jackass.

The rest is equally insane.

*And toilet paper. I'm not doing without toilet paper. And running water. Definitely need that. And shoes. Who doesn't need shoes? Food goes without saying, and I definitely find a need for air on a regular basis . . . Pragmatism: ruining popular music since, well, ever.


  1. But in Chicago, low-income children are turned away from the University of Chicago hospitals. They are forced to take public transportation to other hospitals as the result of a scheme by hospital executives to "cherry-pick wealthy patients over poor," as the the American College of Emergency Physicians put it.

    For the record, this is not what the U of C was actually doing. The U of C, like most of the big teaching hospitals, has a lot of doctors who are specifically engaged with instruction and research. It also has partnerships with other, local hospitals.

    What it was actually doing was basically a form of triage. The most complicated cases stayed at the University, while stuff that could be handled at local hospitals was sent to the local hospitals.

    Now, the simple fact is that more complicated generally means more expensive. Wealthy people will also often prefer to go to the better hospitals and can afford them. For that matter, John Stroger, after whom the main Cook County hospital is named, refused to go to Stroger Hospital when he was in medical distress. I think he either went to Northwestern or UIC Medical. Either way, given these two factors, U of C's program was derided in the media.

    Whether the program was a good idea or not I cannot say. However, U of C wasn't unilaterally denying medical care. And, assuming the program was determined to be a good idea, it would continue happening whether there was a public option or not. In general you don't need the best orthopedic surgeon in the world to set a broken arm after a kid falls off his bike. But if there was a kid who broke his arm and was taken to U of C in immediate need of medical care and the only surgeon available was the best orthopedic surgeon in the world, that kid would get the best treatment possible. At which point he'd be farmed out to a different hospital for after care and any necessary rehab.

  2. Paul... a rabbi...

    That guy is retarded.

  3. Sing it with me, everyone:
    "All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need...
    And maybe also some Thorazine."

    Actually, he'd probably be better off with the generic, since if his insurance is anything like mine, it charges up the butt for brands. :p

  4. We want to limit your choice of doctors and your access to reproductive healthcare, and stop you from getting married! This is why we support choice and love and you do not!


  5. Pragmatism: ruining popular music since, well, ever.

    I don't let pragmatism anywhere near my music. Idealism gives me the perfect excuse to noodle around forever without ever finishing anything.


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