Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everyone Who Is Alive Is Living

there is an lolcat for absolutely everything.

This is what passes for science, history and philosophy in fundamentalist circles.

Here, we’re told the number of years Adam lived total. We see two important
facts that apply to everyone. He lived. And, he died. No matter how long it was
– much longer because of that canopy above the earth – he died, just as all

However, we should never forget that he lived. God gave him the grace and
mercy to be able to live. Some peoples’ days are shorter, some longer, but,
while it may sound like baseball great Yogi Berra, it’s true. Everyone who is
alive is living.

Yes, everyone who is alive is living. Everyone who is dead is dead. Inappropriate cat is inappropriate. You now all receive an "A" in Advanced Tautology.

The amount of information he could have imparted is incredible. The amount he
could have gathered is also incredible. Imagine 930 years of arts, science,
inventions, anything. As noted, too, genetic problems hadn’t begun to haunt
people. He and Eve possessed the great minds, and they were able to pass on much
of that to their descendants. Given that great pioneers in various areas have
changed the world in a few decades, having a few centuries would mean astounding
developments. We don’t know how advanced people were in that day and time, but
we do know this – these people lived, and at least a few had the opportunity to
create incredible things.

I . . . I don't even know what to say about that. Apparently, Adam was creating cold fusion in his kitchen. Or something. The world will never know. And inbreeding was totally okay.

Take the Pyramids in Egypt, for instance. They were built soon after the Great
Flood, according to most experts. The technology just to get the shafts so
perfectly fitted has only existed for a few decades. And, people still aren’t
sure how they were constructed, or how Stonehenge and a few other ancient
wonders were created. The Mayans, too, had very advanced astronomy.

According to most experts where? I'd suggest insane asylums, but I know several people who have been hospitalized for mental illness, and none of them would write the above paragraph.

So, why did it die out? People stopped using the knowledge. Indeed, they
stopped even needing it, they were so concerned with survival after the Flood.
Machines may have been built soon after the Flood, but nobody recorded how to
make them, and the machines to make the machines to build the Pyramids, or
Stonehenge, became unworkable. Soon, all their works perished. And, only a few
scant things remained. It’s just like people forgot how to use the information
to build aqueducts, or the very elaborate Roman road system, after the Roman
Empire declined – the road system in Europe wasn’t as good as those Roman ones
till the 1700s, if not later!

Just like the unicorns, the machines to make the machines to build the Pyramids are no longer with us.

That’s just like us, though. Just like Adam, just like that technical knowledge,
we all die. The great composers of history, the great painters, the great
inventors, are all dead, just as Adam was. As long as he lived, he was on Earth
doing things. And yet, his life on Earth came to an end. It didn’t matter how
much he contributed. What mattered was that he had a redeemer.

Dead people are dead.

All the great accomplishments that Adam made, whatever they were – no doubt
written language, the discovery of fire and its uses, simple tools like the
lever and perhaps more complex ones, were among them – added to the sum of all
knowledge that people had. However, in the end, those things only added to what
was on Earth. All that was counted when he got to heaven were these two things.
First, and most importantly, had he put his trust in that Redeemer. Second, what
had he done to point people to the future Redeemer.

No doubt the machines that made the machines that made the pyramids, too. Also, am I confused as to when Jesus supposedly arrived? That was antedeluvian, right?

The really disturbing thing about this is that's the best grammar and spelling I've seen all day, so clearly Grace through Faith is an intelligent, moderately well-educated person- who sincerely believes every word of the crazy above.

We have so much work to do.


  1. So why aren't we finding these "machines" buried in the ground somewhere?

  2. In ur sediment, haiding ur mahsheens.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen: Creation Science.

    PS: they couldn't use the roman aqueducts and roads because nobody had the manpower to spare to keep them in repair, not because they "lost the information".


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