Monday, March 22, 2010

Asplosions for You and Me

I thought I'd share the collection wingnut asplosion that is my reader this morning with you. Well, the highlights, anyway, I don't have time to link to several hundred individual asplosions.

Democracy: 1776-2010

There was no democracy before the founding of the United States and there is no democracy after health care reform.

The Big Losers of Health Care

Catholic social justice. Which includes homophobia and pedophilia. Yeah, I'm okay with them losing.


Extra points for unintentional hilarity with this: Another great president once asked whether a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal can long endure? The irony strong with this one, yes.

On Freedom

Good night. Tomorrow will be a better day. Darn right!

Sadness, Terrible Sadness

My America, in which 45,000 people die a year due to lack of health insurance, is gone. I miss the unecessary death and suffering already.

Lies. I tell them.

Oh and every five years during your retirement, you will be asked to commit suicide. Read the whole thing. It's just one big ole mess o' crazy.

Ass Raping America

Health care reform is just like forced sodomy. And he would know, apparently.

We Lost Because We Didn't Galt It Up

If I had just quit my job as a Walmart greeter, I could have stopped health care reform!

Lincoln Hated Health Care Reform

Out of context quotes from Lincoln from a history professor. That's either a major fail, or an irony win.

This means WAR!

I suggest that someone might want to review the definition of "treason", preferably before the Secret Service shows up at his house.

and finally, I'm Not Really a Racist, I Swear It, even as I imply that electing a black man to the presidency inevitably leads to "gangsta" politics from Beetle Blogger. Welcome back from your hiatus, you racist bitch.


  1. I loved this from the "Democracy 1776-2010" site

    Homie said:

    "There are 5 major principals of Democracy:"

    Let us see what you pulled out of your ass

    "1. Consent of the governed"

    I agree. A democracy is a government formed by the people.

    "2. Limited government"

    You pulled this out of your ass. Nothing about a democracy leads to anything that you might call limited government. If the citizens want limited government, then a democracy will lead to it. But if citizens want government involvement in certain aspects of life, then that will also happen

    "3. Majority Rules"

    Yep, which is why health care passed. Because we are a democracy, and majority rules.

    "4. Representation"

    Technically, representation is in a republic. But that is a nit picky thing that does not matter. Lets say it is a principle of a democracy. Then, in this case our representatives followed the will of the people and past health care reform. Suck it asshole. (well, technically, they past a much more conservative health care reform bill than the American people actually wanted (60 plus percent want some form of public option).

    "5. Checks and Balances"

    Nothing in a democracy should lead to checks and balances. that is just a unique outcome of our democratic processes.

    So, wrong on somethings. But on the things that he is right on, he proves that the passing of the health care reform bill shows the continuation of democracy, not the end of it.

    I am not posting this other there, because I have a mid-term to do, and do not feel like calling someone an asshole to their face right now (too much work to do). But I had to vent.

  2. I LOL'd at the first one because I have a T-shirt with a tombstone that says

    United States of America

    It got a lot of positive comments, but I had to explain to some people what r.i.p. means

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the links!

  4. @Uzza:
    I’m assuming it’s not “Rest in Peace”?

    &lt/is aware of how n00bish he looks right now>

    On-topic: that’s some serious crazy. Even crazier is how you somehow find yourself with hundreds of links to read every morning. I only have a dozen or two and I already feel swamped. Wish I had your superhuman reading ability.

  5. This is extremely hilarious to watch from an outsider's perspective.

  6. majority, majority -

    how does a fringe group come to the point where they *believe* they are the majority?

    it's a textbook example of socio-manipulation through misinformation, disinformation, and out-right lies.

    the scariest thing to *ME* is that i KNOW R.A. Heinlein [the "first Libertarian"] would be laughing [as he's crying] because the HCR *did* go through democratic stages - before it got hijacked by corporationists...

    because he predicted the outline, if not the detail - allow representatives and senators the ability to get money from "interest groups" and watch as they sell their constituants out. over and over again.


    at least there's a START. if only it could have been passed back before WWII like SOME people wanted. sigh.


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