Friday, March 26, 2010

Fail So Epic . . . Nope, Still a Fail

this fail is much like FFTS's understanding of nature

I went back and forth on ripping the writer of Food for the Soul a new one for his post on nature. I think he's pretty young, which generally earns a pass from me, but then again, he thinks it would be pretty cool to shoot wolves and doesn't understand why abusing animals is bad and he posted this on the internet for all the world to see- forever. So I'm compromising: I'm shredding his work, but I'm not cursing or calling him stupid. "Fail", however, will be coming up a lot.

The first paragraph is typical of FftS's style: totally disjointed.

Yesterday I helped my family with watching the kids. Later in the afternoon we
saw three bald eagles flying in circles above our neighbors' house. My sister
also told me that when our neighbor had little puppies a while ago, a bald eagle
came down and walked around the dog cages. It wanted to eat the little puppies!
Crazy. She also said that five eagles were flying above her school a couple days
ago. Later in the day my sister and I went to the library and got a book about
bald eagles. They are pretty cool creations. It reminds me of the scripture in Isaiah40:31.

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and. What that has to do with puppy eating eagles, I have no idea.

Wildlife sure is cool. I was reading a wildlife article at a library here in
town in Minnesota that the wolves are on the endangered species list or the
no-shoot list still, but the citizens and businesses want the wolves to be taken
off because they are reproducing and there are too many of them. I don't know
how much bureaucracy they have to go through to get them off the list, but it
sure would be nice to be able to get rid of the threat of wolves by letting us
shooting them. I think it is interesting that the powers that be are more
willing to protect animals rather than their fellow man. They are also willing
to kill millions of us in the womb. They are also willing to tax us to protect
the polar bears. They are even willing to tax us to protect Gaea mother earth.

This has no connection to the preceding paragraph. None. It also has no connection to any observable reality. Wildlife sure is cool . . . I want to kill wolves . . . abortion is bad . . . taxes.

1. You give no explanation as to why it would be better to shoot wolves than to preserve them. Fail.

2. You want to make wolves extinct. Super fail.

3. You seem to think abortion is imposed upon people in this country. It is not. Women are free to choose to abort or not. Fail, fail, fail.

4. You seem to think protecting wolves and polar bears from extinction is preventing abortion from being made illegal. Those two things are entirely unrelated. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail.

People in high places also think there are too many of us humans on earth.
So they give condoms to kids in schools and birth control pills and encourage
homosexuality. I have seen a lot of movies promoting the idea that us humans are
the enemy on earth and that we are destroying the earth. I also have seen many
movies that paint a picture that animals are just like humans by personifying
them by giving them the ability to speak. I have seen that we have been burning
our corn in refineries to produce ethanol in order to protect mother earth. So
apparently we should starve the humans in order to save the earth.

1. Dude, the overpopulation scare is so before I was born, and I bet I'm at least twice your age.

2. Condoms and birth control pills are made available to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of disease. Neither one of those items are widely distributed at schools in the US.

3. No one "encourages" homosexuality, though the better schools do discourage bigotry against homosexuals. You can't make someone homosexual, no matter how cool you make it look.

4. We are destroying the earth. It's called pollution.

5. What does talking animals have to do with anything?

6. I'll grant you the ethanol thing, I think that's crap, too.

So us humans are taxed, fined, killed, starved, and de-humanized for mother
earth's sake. If you ask me, I'd say we have fallen far away from any kind of
common sense and fallen into the occult. People get fined large sums for
littering because "we need to save the whales." We also can't even drill oil in
some places because we need to be environmental conscious.

1. No. No, no, no, no and no. What fines? Do you mean fines for dumping toxic materials into rivers used for drinking water? Fine, you drink toxic waste.

2. Humans are dehumanized to save the environment? that makes no sense, nor have you given one example of such.

3. Throwing your trash on the ground for other people to pick up is rude and should be discouraged. This has nothing to do with the whales.

4. Yes, we should not drill in nature preserves. For obvious reasons.

The Lord told many people in old testament times to sacrifice a lot of animals
to Him just look at 2Chronicles1:6-7 and 2Chronicles7:5. Is the Lord
evil for doing that? I think not.

I do. I understand killing animals to eat them, although I am a vegetarian. Slaughtering innocent animals because your imaginary friend told you to? Not so much.

Animals are animals and can be killed at anytime for food. Sacrificing
animals is not necessary anymore because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. The
reason people sacrificed animals was to atone for sin and to please the Lord
before Jesus came. I honestly do not know what happens at the abortion clinics
but I wonder what the belief system of those clinics are. There is no way anyone
who works at those clinics are saved. So what are the beliefs of the people in
charge of those clinics? They need Jesus' forgiveness and the truth.

1. Fine, you understand tautology, clearly, but do you understand anything else?

2. Why would you want to worship someone who demands limitless quantities of blood? You seriously don't find that disturbing?

3. What does abortion have to do with this?! First of all, abortions happen at abortion clinics. Duh. What are the beliefs of the people who work at them? That women should be able to control what happens to their own bodies. You have no uterus, this will never be an issue you will have to face yourself, so do me a favor and SHUT UP.

I remember in school I went on a trip for sociology and one part of it was
about animal abuse. I remember coming out of that seminar very mad and
frustrated. I was mad because I knew that protecting animals and telling us we
can't eat them is a lie. I think that it was also an attack on farms and people
in the agriculture industry.

Now I can't even deal with you. A seminar on animal abuse made you mad not because the concept that people abuse animals is incredibly upsetting, but because the concept that humans don't have a right to torture, maim and kill as they please is just so wrong? What is wrong with you?! Did Jesus make you a psychopath or is Christianity just a convenient excuse?


Fail. Fail.

Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.


  1. What that has to do with puppy eating eagles, I have no idea.

    Me either, but it made for a great U2 song.

    I think it is interesting that the powers that be are more willing to protect animals rather than their fellow man. They are also willing to kill millions of us in the womb.

    Someone needs to tell this kid that non-sequiturs make the Baby Jesus cry.

    My response to this post and all like it is Psalm 24:1 -

    "The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." So, you want to wreck something that God owns? I'm sure he'll be pleased with that.

    Also, since people who tend to rail against the "hoax" of global climate change tend to be Leviticus nuts, here's a great bone to toss at them: Leviticus 25:23-24.

    "The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me. And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant a redemption for the land."

    Nothing more fun than fighting fire with fire.

  2. I read his post too, and my brain couldn't process his nonsense. It still can't.

  3. Why would you want to worship someone who demands limitless quantities of blood? You seriously don't find that disturbing?

    PRAISE KHORNE! Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

  4. Well, in his defense, he is seven years old... He is, right?

  5. Leaving aside the coolness factor of shooting wolves, or lack thereof, the basic thrust of Chris's argument is: there is no tomorrow, so let's kill everything now.

  6. I suspect that Chris is coming from the PoV that the earth is doomed because we suck. And doing our best to stave off that doom is futile or blasphemous or somehow a rejection of (his) God.

    Over the last few months, I've come to believe (very strongly) that Chris is developmentally challenged. His wolves-abortion-taxes post is a nail in that particular coffin...

  7. "PRAISE KHORNE! Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!"

    Sigmar shall triumph! may Schala have mercy on your soul chaos fiend.

  8. Most times the sacrifices were actually eaten. The mostly inedible parts (bones, fat, offal, etc.) were burned while the actual meat was eaten. I think Judaism had specific rules about who could eat it on certain occasions but generally not as wasteful as you might imagine.

    Also, am I reading this wrong or did he just imply that abortion clinics are sacrificing foetuses as if to a god? Is that why he is asking what their belief structure is? I really hope I'm misreading his implication.

  9. Wow, you're seriously picking on a kid? Very impressive, PF. You've got class.

  10. @Anonymous: When the kid puts his political writings in a public forum as if he were an adult, he opens himself to criticism of them as if he were an adult.

    It's like Christopher Paolini. His writing sucks, and I'm not going to go easy on him because he's a kid; he publishes a book, he takes criticism like any other writer whose work sucks.


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