Monday, March 22, 2010

Universal Healthcare = Universal Divorce

"Obama gave me healthcare and now I'm leaving your ass!"

I really have to wonder about the state of other people's marriages. I also really have to wonder if some people just don't realize how much of themselves they reveal when they predict/complain about certain things.

Take, for example, The Playful Walrus' latest screed on same sex marriage and healthcare reform:

Advocates for neutering state marriage licensing have argued that it is
necessary so someone can be added to their same-sex partner's health insurance
and for hospital visitation.

However, it is now being established by federal
legislation that 1. the federal government can dictate the smalled details of
health care, and 2. everyone will have health insurance.

So now a neutered
marriage license is not necessary to obtain those things health insurance or
hospital visitation.

Of course, there will now be less incentive for people
in general to marry or work out conflicts and stay married, or care about
keeping their jobs, for that matter.

The government continues to become a
parent/spouse/pastor, to the detriment of the family.

Now I have to wonder, is The Playful Walrus fully aware that his wife is only sticking around for the health care and is now free to run!, run like the wind!, or is this just a vague suspicion in the back of his mind?



    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism...



    atheists deny their own life element...

    add some comment moderation to your blog of blasphemy...idiot...

  2. add some comment moderation to your blog of blasphemy...idiot...
    I'm sorry Mister Troll... why should she do this? To stop people like you from posting bullshit? Or to stop people from doing... this:

    Fuck. [scare chord]

  3. PS: You remind me of Terry Burton, David.

  4. >_< The insane moron found this blog through my blogroll, or so my Sitemeter traffic stats leads me to believe. I do ask your forgiveness for any darkness to come, PF.

    … Or do what I did and first bait the douche, then ban him. =P

  5. Holy crap, PF, you've hit the big time. I your new troll is the guy who threatens PZ Myers' life from time to time!

    At least, the formatting looks the same. As do the non sequitur comments about the death of atheism.

  6. Yup, Geds, it’s him. David Mabus, aka Dennis Markuze. Being FiH’s Senior Canadian Correspondent, I’m quite ashamed that this dunce hails from the same parts as I. Oh, shamey.

  7. um...

    it's cheaper to have a spouse - of whatever gender - *added* to your insurance, than it is to get a whole new seperate insurance plan, Walrus.

    just sayin'

  8. Of course it's cheaper to add a spouse to an existing insurance plan than for that person to get their own plan. Of course the health care reform bill has NOTHING to do with hospital visitation for same-sex couples.

    Walrus just constantly wears Gay Marriage Goggles where every single issue, no matter how tangential, IS PROOF THAT GAY MARRIAGE SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!111!!

    Obsess much?

  9. DM... is that Dave Mabus/Dennis Markuze? The famous nut who runs around stalking atheists?

    Aside from the nutter, an important question: Why is divorce such a bad thing? If two people don't work out they should not be staying together. A high divorce rate says absolutely nothing about the country besides that people aren't sticking around and waiting to be beaten before leaving.

    If our society didn't hinge having sex on marriage the divorce rate would be considerably lower. You can't have kids sit around with know sex education in a hyper-sexualized country like our own and expect them to behave completely rationally. There are gonna be a lot of dim bulbs who get married for the wrongest reasons possible.

  10. denelian, that's actually not true in all cases, most people assume this if they haven't spent a lot of time looking into their own separate plans.
    As for Playful Walrus' post, can he really be that far off? Look at what welfare has done to black families where the government has essentially replaced a father. The government is actually giving incentive to not be married and have a spouse helping to a family.

  11. well, Anon, you're making a -lot- of assumptions.

    and the first one, is that the "reason" black men "aren't around" to "support their families" is because of some government help or another.

    which A) was NOT true historically [i mean, FFS, every single "aid to families with dependent children" program we have EVER had was created for WHITE WOMEN. it wasn't until the 60's that most black people had ACCESS to them] and B) is only PARTIALLY true now - and the "fix" isn't to get rid of the *AID* but to get rid of stupid policy. like the policy of not allowed most married people, even if they are *well* below poverty, to recieve aid.
    because i know LOTS of people who would *BE* married, if being married wouldn't completely fuck them over [i'm one of them, but my position is weird, and certainly isn't the NORM]
    then add in that a HUGE chunk of that "lack-of-fathers" in the black community [esp] comes from the INSANE rates in which black men are jailed for crimes that white men don't even get fined for.
    anecdotal, since the data are in a thousand studies and easy to find - i know [knew - i DO NOT have contact with him] a guy who sells cocain. i had him arrested once [he tried to sell me some]. he was caught with a fair amount. he was "sentence" to a month's rehab - defered [he won't have to serve unless he's caught and found guilty again]. it was his 5th arrest, and second "guilty". NOTHING happened to him.
    i know a guy who is in jail right now, for several more years, for having pot. not a lot, either - he had enough to make a single joint.
    they threw the book at him, and said he was *selling*, even though he wasn't and they had ZERO proof that he was selling.

    the rest of that [where is the father BS] can rest *VERY* firmly on the BACKLASH to feminism. men [not all, but many] essentially said "well, if *she* can have a career, i have NO obligation to stay and be a husband".

    it is VERY fucking true that marriage is a net LOSS for women. it's institutionally BAD for women.

    and "not true in all cases" does NOT mean "not true in MOST cases". i *have* looked into it. if my guy and i got married, the one bonus is that i could be added to his [omg the most horrible ever] insurance for less than $60/month. for me to get insurance on my own - even assuming that i have NO pre-existing that they charge me more for - insurance is well OVER $600/month. [with those PEs, and with an 18-month-NO-TREATMENT-for-them-clause, it's almost $2,000 a month. almost 4 times my rent.]

    and his "fear" of gay marriage colors what he's say waaaaaaaay too much - if marriage is the answer to all these ills, then allow marriage [do NOT give some BS that "marriage has always meant between 1 man and 1 woman" it's not even BIBLICALLY correct!]


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