Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When You Have a Wolf by the Ears

When you have a wolf by the ears, it's as hard to let go as it is to hold on.

I can't think of a more apropos description of the relationship between the tea partiers and the GOP, as demonstrated in this list of demands:

The time has come to stand a fight to win.We must fight to win.And take no
prisoners.No bipartisanship.No reaching across the aisle.It is time to be a Rock
Solid Conservative.

Monday's passing of health care reform is a good example of why you don't really want that. No Republicans voted for that bill, and it passed anyway. Also, "stand a fight to win" . . . wtf?

You must support the Constitution.You must support the Second Amendment.

I'm beginning to think you should have to pass a basic test in civics before you can vote. The Amendments to the Constitution are a part of the Constitution. Supporting the Constitution means supporting the Amendments to the Constitution- all of them.

You must support our military.You must support tax cuts.You must support cutting
and limiting government.

Well, I suppose if you support tax cuts, you must necessarily support governmental cuts, but notice what he doesn't want cut- military spending. Military spending is significantly more of the budget than all social service programs combined. If you really wanted to cut government spending and be able to lower taxes, you'd cut military spending, not snatch food from the mouths of children. Of course, that assumes you like children more than guns, which I'm guessing Mr. Second Amendment does not.

You must support the death penalty.

I was unaware this was a key conservative viewpoint. Disturbing.

I am putting the Blue Dog,Yellow Dog,Lap Dogs DemocRats on notice.You have a
bulls eye on your chest.You will be defeated in your bid for reelection.

Shaking in their boots, I'm sure. I actually have no idea what a Yellow Dog is, btw.

I want to say to the squishy moderate RINO'S your not welcome in the GOP.If you
want to be a squishy moderate RINO form your own party.I am talking to Mitt
Romney,John McCain and Lindsey Graham.Just to name a few RINO'S.There is no room in the GOP for squishy moderate RINO'S.


I heard little Barry saying he wants a fight.OK Barry lets throw down right.We
the people will vote your Chicago Thug ass out of office.

Ah yes, the President of the United States, "little Barry". Yeah, there's no racism in the tea party. Not at all. And when did we start hating Chicago? The deep dish pizza alone is a reason to love the Windy City.

Never in my 55 years on this planet I have never witnessed the Congress ignoring
the wishes of the people.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Apparently, you spent 54 of those last 55 years in a coma.

To borrow a line from Abraham Lincoln. "That the government of the people and by
the people shall not perish from the earth." The governmnet should return to the

Oh, you mean the people that voted for "little Barry"? Those people? To borrow a line from me, "Sit down, shut the fuck up and learn to spell."

Good luck with the wolf, GOP. Let go or hold on, either way, you're screwed.


  1. And when did we start hating Chicago? The deep dish pizza alone is a reason to love the Windy City.

    As soon as the right realized that they could just use "Chicago" as shorthand for "corrupt politicians" with the added bonus that it's a Big City filled with Big City Liberals, so it could be cast as the other, they've hated Chicago. It's part of the reason why they cheered Chicago losing the Olympics...

  2. but . . . but, deep dish pizza! and the blues! or jazz? is it jazz? either way, Chicago has many fine qualities!

  3. but . . . but, deep dish pizza! and the blues! or jazz? is it jazz? either way, Chicago has many fine qualities!

    Blues. Buddy Guy.

    And are you really telling ME that Chicago is a sweet place to be? ME?


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