Thursday, March 11, 2010

What the Entire World Needs

I think the entire world needs a kitty, and before we say or do hurtful things, to ourselves or others, we should be required to pet that kitty's soft, soft belly.

Hmmm. I may have just figured out how the Dalai Lama keeps his cool.


  1. Until they get about a year old and decide that every time you go into the kitchen it is feeding time. They also realize they can jump up on about any surface in the place around that time and decide knocking things off is a good idea. rabble rabble

  2. that's why you get a new, government-issued kitty every month. (Well, once I'm Empress of the Entire Freakin' World.)

  3. Kitteh belleh om nom nom nom.

    I have a Siamese, so his mix of black and white-ish is the perfect blend of Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat, you know.

  4. Why do you limit yourself to just Empress? That title comes with a bunch of clauses and limitations … Why not Unquestioned Ruler of the Entire Freakin’ Universe? Much more apt.

    And – I haz kitty too! =D Soft downy bellehs make for great pillows … (in theory …)


  6. I'm not a cat person myself, so you'd have to get me a government issued Malay Eagle Owl instead. (I am utterly incapable of being depressed or angry when watching that video).

  7. Joé: In theory, indeed. To paraphrase Bill Watterson, five of their six ends are pointy when they're lying like that.

    James, I'd always wanted a burrowing owl myself, but I may have to reconsider. Unless, of course, I can haz multi-owl privileges here...guess that's up to the Empress...or the Unquestioned Ruler...

    (Speaking of titles, I've always been a fan of All-Sovereign Bitch-On-Wheels...and seeing as I've no ambition to rule, it's totally up for grabs.)


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