Friday, October 29, 2010

For You, and You

Somebody needed this today. And sometimes my blog is just for them.


  1. Such a pretty blue, it looks like a bloomin' forget-me-not at mid-day mid-July, Alaska's state flower (and in wide-abundance at alpine elevations such as in CO, WY in the US).

    Its Latin name based on the shape of its leaves, (not too unlike the naming of drugs developed from mouse-monoclonal antibody derived lines 'mab'), myosotis, which refers to 'mouse ear', but one is just as likely to see small rodents such as voles, shrews with the same ear-shape--

    (From summer UW botany field class, Flora of Rocky Mountains 1986.)

    By the way, even as a Roman Catholic, I do not ascribe to the literal depiction of a 'forever in hell' bit. Why worry about actually residing in hell that long when someone's posterity is forever damned in the sight of all mankind?

  2. Well, I hope that doesn't mean the rest of us can't enjoy this as well. And I hope things look up for whomever it was that needed this.


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