Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stomping Women's Heads is Tea Party Approved

Clearly, she is assualting his foot with her head and should be punished.

If you haven't heard about this yet, a member was attacked by a Rand Paul supporter. Specifically, she was dragged to the ground and stomped on. Yes, a man stomped on her head. And yes, it's totally cool to stomp on a woman's head if she happens to be liberal.

Hateful Person #1 God bless Rand Paul! Just another examples of the gays trying to obtain special rights. HELLO MoveOn!!! If you storm a U.S. Senate nominee...YOUR ASS IS GONNA GET STOMPED! I hope this situation is symbolic of the "stomping" that the liberals are going to get when Rand and Ron are running this country!!! In all fairness...,the insane"woman" who was detained to protect Dr.Paul,was held down by her back,not her big fat head!

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    • Hateful Person #2 I did notice that in the video. What they called stomping on her head was his foot slipping off her shoulder, he moved it promptly upon it slipping.
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    • Hateful Person #2 Also, IF she was 'for real' the WHY was she wearing such a large wig? (the kind used to disguise appearances)
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    • Hateful Person #3 EXACTLY! Her defense was that she was "presenting him with a fake award". What does that even mean? If this was a Dem nominee that was stomed by a protester and detained...well,it would have a totally different spin on it. She had it coming to her! Nothing done to her was out of line or abusive!
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    • Hateful Person #2
      For those reading this post that don't know to what we are referring--- On watching the video again, I will admit that the guy with his foot on her shoulder WAS being a big forceful (she wasn't to get up), so he shouldn't have pushed down (stomp?) on her shoulder like that. I do hate to sound like I am judging from appearances, but with her hiding behind a wig, and her "butch" haircut, I am wondering if she is a lesbian, and maybe that is why she was detained....I don't know anything about this "award" that she was supposed to be presenting him....they "took her down" for a reason, and I would like to know why/what it was before I would make a final judgment on this.See More
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    • Hateful Person #3 That is very fair and honest of you Hateful Person #2! I think she was hiding the butch haircut under the wig because she knew her appearance would hinder her protest by drawing attention to herself.
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So, let's review: The Tea Party approves of assault. The Tea Party feels that if you are assaulted, you need a defense. The Tea Party approves of dragging a woman to the ground and stomping on her head. The Tea PArty feels that "detaining" lesbians is entirely justified. The Tea Party feels that all women with short hair are lesbians. The Tea Party defines "fair and honest" in way that the dictionary would not approve of.

The Tea Party makes me sick.

Oh, yes, the country will definitely be in a better place once these people are in power.


  1. Klassy.

    But isn't the Tea Party, like, the new feminist movement?

  2. and apparently everybody fells that grabbing her boobs is just fucking fine.

  3. Just to inject a bit of reason into the rant... The Tea Party is a huge movement that contains all sorts of people. As with any large group there are going a small minority of total scumbags.

    Saying the "Tea Party" as a whole approves of that sort of violence -- as opposed to a few whackjobs commenting on the internet -- is pretty ridiculous. I haven't seen anyone of any consequence defending the head-stomping.

  4. My wife has short hair.

    Wait... What?

  5. UNRR speaks the truth.

    What I can't get over is that the stomper actually wants his assault victim to apologize to him. I just... wow.

    I was on some blog or other wondering if he were possibly a retired police officer, or from some other profession that encourages/permits aggression. I've seen it written that he's "retired," but not retired from what. I just can't help but be curious.

  6. Holy crap, Uzza! I totally missed that! Now I'm feeling even sicker...

  7. I haven't seen anyone of any consequence defending the head-stomping.

    Please, though, tell us the people of consequence who have decried the head stomping? Or, hell, I'd even be willing to take people of consequence who haven't said things like, "Oh, he was just trying to step gently on her shoulder to hold her in place and missed."

    Because there is a fuckload of permissiveness of aggressive assholery all over the Teapublican Party. And until their leaders actually stand up and say, "Stop being a bunch of violent, aggressive fucknuggets," I'm going to assume that "the Tea Party as a whole" does, in fact permit and even encourage violence.


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