Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Contradictions Are Killing Me

Is it too much to ask that people be consistent in their beliefs? It's bad enough when someone believes in stupid bullshit, but when their stupid bullshit isn't even consistent, that's a whole new level of obnoxious.

First of all, I have to say that Barbara Curtis deserves a round of applause for adopting three children. That's a wonderful, loving act that I truly admire. The fact that she adopted three disabled children is all the more admirable.

However, and this is bothering me so much I just cannot stop thinking about it, in the linked post Ms. Curtis goes on and on about how wonderful a place the US is to raise disabled children, specifically citing the Americans with Disabilities Act, inclusion in public schools, availability of health care and a low rate of institutionalization for disabled children.

What, you may ask, is wrong with that? Ms. Curtis is an avid Tea Partier. She posts 10-20 times a day in favor of Tea Partiers and/or against liberals, particularly President Obama. That's certainly her right, but all those things that make America a wonderful place for her children? Those are all taxpayer funded liberal mandates. You know, the very ideas and policies the Tea Party is so desperate to destroy.

How do you spend half the day benefiting from taxpayer funded liberal mandates and the other half of the day decrying big government and government spending and politically correct liberals? How do you do that and not see the hypocrisy? How do benefit, every single day, from taxpayer funded liberal mandates and then claim that taxes are too high and government spending needs to end? How do you do all that and look at yourself in the mirror?

She's not the only one, just the most recent example I've come across. Half the crowd at every Tea Party gathering is on Social Security or disability. "Get your government out of my Medicare" was the rallying cry for these people at one point. How do you say that without your brain exploding?

I, for one, am thrilled that my tax dollars help Ms. Curtis' children and others like them. I'm also perfectly happy to fund welfare, food stamps and disability. I want those programs expanded- and I don't even use them. I may be a crazy commieIslamoFacistliberal, but at least I'm internally consistent. Unlike some people . . .


  1. Pretty much where I'm at. I don't mind paying more taxes, provided what I pay into is being used efficiently, that's really my only beef and why I hated Obama's "We'll tax most people extra so they can pay for the ultra-inflated private for-profit health insurance for a very small percentage of the population" plan.

    Basically, it's fine for the government to spend my money on social programs, the problem becomes when the government spends my money to support private for-profit interests instead of taxpayers directly.

    This, for the record, is why everyone with a real brain knows Obama is a crappy socialist.

  2. The teabagger thing is a scam created by wealthy and corporate interests. The followers are the gullible, who don't know how to reason.


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