Sunday, October 17, 2010

WOW Is About to Get That Much More Annoying

Dark elves apparently frequent Country & Western bars.

I played WOW* for about 5 minutes, and I spent that entire time dancing, but for the love of gaming, does absolutely everything have to be about evangelism? Honestly, just because you have no life and no other interests, doesn't mean the rest of us don't.

I am exploring creative ways to evangelize in the dark corners where few people tread with the Gospel.

One of those, is in the realm of MMORPG, specifically, World of Warcraft. I've started low-level characters on a couple of the RP (Role play) servers. Some of these are Priests, and so it's natural for them to talk like, well, Priests!! (I don't know why I didn't think of this before, it's working brilliantly!) I get to share the Gospel and I've had some positive responses!

OK so another avenue I want to exploit is the fact that World of Warcraft is going to be going through a huge change in November.... the game "world" is going to change drastically, and they call this game update "Cataclysm". Interesting, with everything going on in the real world, that this is being brought about in-game. Well, I'm not going to let this go to waste!!

Those of you who have seen The Princess Bride will remember the scene where Andre the Giant wears a Holocoaust Cloak and spooks the guards at the castle... he's muttering some sort of weird doom scenario... so I want to replicate that. I have a character with the perfect outfit (cloak and hood) and I want a script about the upcoming *real* Cataclysm, to tell about the truth of the Rapture... people will disappear.... tribulation is coming.... one world government, the AC, the MOTB, all of that stuff, and that there is still time to repent while it is today.

And The Princess Bride? Is nothing sacred?

Also, isn't it always today?

*World of Warcraft. It wasn't for me, but the dancing is awesome.


  1. I'm guessing the positive responses were partly because (i) it is a game and so people might appreciate a convincing priest there that they'd avoid in real life {ii) in the game there really is magic and such.

  2. You know, if he is equating the rapture with the cataclysm, I think that makes Deathwing god.

    And I, for one, welcome our new giant, adamantine-infused, black dragon overlord. At least when he does terrible, evil things it is expected and he looks badass while doing so.

  3. I doubt that this person got any positive response in the game. He's probably lying. There's very little you can say in WoW without getting flamed.

  4. "Teh Tribulation Is Cumming! Repent!"
    "lol @ teh fundie n00b"

  5. @ankhoneirosinfinitus Its a roleplaying server. They were probably getting positive responses to what was likely considered very good roleplaying for a priest, not for the actual 'message' as such. :)

    try that on a normal server (or even worse a PvP server) and they'd likely get abused until they quit the server

  6. I played a lot of RPGs back in the day. Do people still do do role playing games fade to face (yes, there is a porny joke there)?

  7. It seems that some of what this individual wants to do is ok. But I'd suspect it somehow violates the WoW terms of service to use macros in the fashion this individual wants to. That seems to cross the line to spamming.

  8. RP servers are not any better than regular servers, just you can report the names for not being rp. I play on two of the rp servers and have never seen anyone preaching on them. They would be flamed, people get flamed all the time, especially on the trade channel. I would flame them and then probably put them on ignore. That is something I wish I could do in real life. /ignore person then you never have to hear them again, even if they are yelling right next to you.

  9. As Josh said, if they are just repeating the same crap over and over again, then yes they are spamming and violating the agreement they clicked before entering the game. I would also report them for spamming in that case.


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