Thursday, October 14, 2010

What, Exactly, Are We Supposed to Find Beautiful?

Every now and again, I stop by conservapedia (over 175,000,000 views* and over 793,000 edits!), just to see what Andy's up to.

Today, he's disproving evolution with fall foliage. No, not the fact that leaves change colors in the fall, but the fact that humans tend to find that pleasing to look at.

No, really, look at the screen cap above.

Andy, this does not disprove evolution. This simply proves that humans find things pleasing to look at and, well, everything we have to look at is right here. On our planet. What else would we find pleasing to look at?

Also, since my screencaps always come out in black and white, rendering the "evidence" not beautiful, have I proven evolution?

*At least 100 of those are mine.


  1. Is it just me, or is that sample of "artistic beauty in nature" actually a photo of... well... a road?

  2. It's beauty and nature! You just don't understand Andy! LEAVE HIM ALOOOOOONE!

    (If you've ever read the conservapedia talk pages, you know that is not an exaggeration of the way Andy responds to criticism.)

  3. PF, it really does amaze me you can keep an eye on all these websites without your brain imploding from the concentrated stupid.

    Seriously, how do you manage it? :D


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