Sunday, June 7, 2009

All Day Long


  1. LOL I think Bailey is getting older, he only plays with toys like that for a very brief minute or two. That means I walk him more when he gets bored because he'll just whine otherwise. We used to have the same rope though ;)

  2. I have a cat that loves to play fetch with a mouse toy. All day long. All night long. As long as you are throwing the damn thing, she is ready to run and get it.
    I love animals.

  3. I truly wish I could be as happy as he is chewing a rubber ball. Hours of chewing, every day.

  4. You need to read Terry Pratchett's book Making Money. One of the main characters is a pug like dog. Besides the fact he finds a clockwork dildo and won't let go of it, ever, there are some great descriptions have how watching him try to eat taffy is the most enjoyable experience ever.


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