Monday, June 1, 2009

I Am Torned

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I'm sure you've all heard about the murder of Dr. Tiller by now. I thought I'd check on our friends at Rapture Ready and see what the response has been on the other side of crazy.

April goes straight for god's ineffibility: I am torned. Now his family have Opportunity to learn from this tragedy. I hope they pray, and understand that ALL LIFE is Precious and a Gift from God.Through darkness there is light....

I hope someone removes all the sharp objects from the room before you express that sentiment to Dr. Tiller's family, April.

Musclecar1975 ratchets up the crazy with this bizarre comment: While on one hand, [Dr. Tiller's church] appear to believe in the sanctity of life, on the other hand, they condone abortion if the baby will have abnormalities, or if a woman is raped, which research has shown, it is very rare for a woman to get pregnant as a result of rape.

yes, Musclecar1975, women only get pregnant because they want to. Seriously, wtf?!

Seemomgonuts has a very odd view of those of on the prochoice side of the debate: This man was a king to the pro-abortion crowd. Funny how they won't see that the shooter excercised their right to choose. They chose to kill someone, yet to the pro-abortionist, no irony will be found. did i miss the memo where some doctor i'd never even heard of became my king? was that in the copy of the liberal agenda I didn't get yet?

It doesn't take the RR crew long to get to the wingnuts' latest meme: Obama did it so he has an excuse to put all the christians (75% of the US) in prison.

homesick9748: When I heard about this, I had to ask myself: "Just WHO will benefit from this murder?" We all know the answer: Certainly NOT us pro-life, pro-gun, conservative Christians. well, then, of course the murderer was prochoice then. i hope the police are reading this so they don't bother looking for someone opposed to abortion.

antitox may or may not be expressing the same sentiment: Super. This incident may backfire and somehow confirm to EvilBama and fellow henchman Napolitano to really view us as terrorists.

Rhon is, as far as I can tell, arguing that all medical procedures are pointless. we should just sit around waiting for god to intervene: What if the doctor is wrong in saying the mother's life is at risk? Granted, he is a Doctor, but that does not make him God. Only God would know for certain if that woman's life were at risk. If the doctor turned out to be wrong, and a baby is murdered over that....Ooops????

I'm sorry, but it makes no difference how much the mothers life is at risk, makes no difference if she has 2 children or 10. It is still murder regardless. Who is to say that God doesn't have plans for that child? Who is to say God won't intervene and and save the woman? It makes no's murder....pure and simple and it is a sin.

yeah. excuse me while i stick with antibiotics over prayer.

Trance trots out the persecuted christian meme:

Originally Posted by imfree
Indeed. But I just know that we (born again evangelical) will be blamed for this.

Of course we will be. After all, it's 'politically correct' to hate Christians. It's 'trendy' to hate Christians.

yes, yes, yes. christians aren't allowed to marry. christians can't get elected president. christian fear carrying around their holy book and wearing symbols of their belief. it's a sad, sad world we live in, trance.

Pendragon snaps irony's neck and then stabs the corpse a few hundred times, then sets it on fire for good measure: I find it very Ironic and almost divine in action please, continue....I know some may not agree so let me put into words my thoughts yes, that is how message boards work.... Tiller was an usher at the church meaning he had heard the word at lest 50 times 50? how did we arrive at 50? why not "at least once" or "hundreds of times"? 50?...while the shooter did commit murder in sense we know it now no, he did not commit murder "in sense", he committed murder in fact....In biblical times if you had an assasian an "assasian"? what's that? running around and were able to identify him he too was considered a murderer because assassins (and possibly assasians) murdered people.... In the terms of Tiller and late term abortion. verb? It is considerd murder in the eyes of G-d and the person who killed Tiller carried out judgement right in what our eyes believe it to be or wrong i think my brain just died.... G-d chooses who lives and who dies.. so, it's never murder? just blame god and do whateverthefuck you want? If this person later comes out and says they were the killer and they have repented to G-d for grace as was with David and Uriah so should it be for them. wtf? they will have to pay the consequence but in G-d's choice he has made divine judgement and in that I will abide i think he keeps trying to say that Tiller's murder was exactly what god wanted and therefore is good. so, do you feel the same way when children are murdered? what about abortion? isn't that god's will? be careful with the logic that is pointy on both ends, my dear... I pray Grace for the person who killed him and mercy on the soul of the one who died But i I exahlt G-d in his divine wisdom as to the action happening.... The power is his for that purpose we don't know all his ways but for this to happen in a church where he had given fair warning to Tiller through his word I find to be surreal in and of itself... you find it "surreal"? really? I pray for all involved that grace and mercy will abound... as for us as christians another weight has been added to our cross may we seek G-d's face in this and remain faithful and follow his word and direction in all things we must do future wise wow. i didn't think it could get any stupider, but "future wise" allowed pendragon to achieve the impossible.

antitox reappears with deep concerns about the dictionary: This all ties in to re-defining. They re-defined that a baby in the whom BWAHAHAHAHAHA wasn't life, they re-defined civil rights where you can't say what you believe i know, doesn't it suck that we can't say n***er and f** anymore?, they are working to re-define marriage, and they re-defined the constitutionalists (the right) as extremists/terrorists. You can bet they will be re-defining a whole lot more very soon. we'll redefine spoons as forks! shoes as hats! dogs will become hamsters! bacon will be pudding! when will the madness end?!

hilhill takes the justification tack: Now, I hope people don't take this the wrong way (and thanks for pointing out that it was a liberal church... Man it just infuriates me when people shame the name of Christ like that)...... And maybe I'm just playing devil's advocate here i doubt you even know what that means...I watched the movie Valkyrie. I liked that movie. well, now we know who those people are. The whole premise of the movie was an assassination attempt against Hitler, a monster that killed millions of innocent people. because there might be some people who don't know who hitler was. There are other murderers/evil leaders throughout history that have been killed or have been sought to be killed hitler sought to be killed? because of their treacherous acts on humanity.

How is the killing of this abortion doctor any different? oh, my. Now, again, I'm NOT saying that we should go out and kill abortion doctors but it's just like killing hitler or that his murder was good or anything like that killing hitler would not have been good? so please don't misunderstand me. no, i'm pretty sure i am understanding you. But if you have the possibility of preventing thousands of innocent lives from being slaughtered... Is it not justified??

Maybe I'm just thinking out loud here or in print ... or talking out of my head is there some other way to talk?... I dont know!! clearly

we'll end with 4given, who seems a little confused as to NOW's purpose: The murder of the doctor will only make matters worse, especially after Napolitano already decreed pro lifers akin to domestic terrorists. Especially after the domestic terrorists at NOW have begun there diatribe.

Only in America can you go to jail for killing a dog, yet killing an unborn child is justified?

There is no justification for Murder in either case, the Lord God said vengence is mine.

i can't imagine why anyone would think there are crazies in this world. i just don't get it.


  1. Great takedown, PF. What some people say on the internets is truly frightening.

    "When I heard about this, I had to ask myself: 'Just WHO will benefit from this murder?' We all know the answer: Certainly NOT us pro-life, pro-gun, conservative Christians."

    Isn't it so loving and Christian to think of how someone's murder will harm the Christian Rightist Agenda?

    "This incident may backfire and somehow confirm to EvilBama and fellow henchman Napolitano to really view us as terrorists."

    Hmmm. One who commits ideological-based murder is certainly one definition of terrorism. If the shoe fits...

  2. if the shoe fits . . . take it off and throw it at the president?

  3. This insane douchebag is not unexpected. In my blog post expressing sorrow over Tillers murder. I predict that soon the interwebz will be full of religious justifications for this murder. I do hope this man is correct that President Obama will decide that pro life groups are terrorists and will start profiling the members the way they do members of Islamic groups already.

  4. I love how they can't stop themselves from agreeing with the murderer. Sure, they'll start out with "murdering people is wrong!" but they always end up at "but it did save all the little zygotes!"

  5. 'Ass asians'...chuckle.

    I wonder how the moderate, Christian right are dealing with this...

  6. "ass asians" made me LOL. hubby was looking for video for Assassins Creed 2. He accidentally typed in instead of

    of course, pictures of naked asian women engaged in very . . . limber . . . activities loaded up, leaving us rather perplexed until i noticed what he actually typed in.

    ass asians :)

  7. I watched Ass Asians 4: The Distendening this weekend.

    It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. Like being goatsed for an hour and a half straight. That's the last time I allow people to tie me to a chair and choose my entertainment for me...

  8. I consider 'Wayne Dawg' to be a moderate (even though he's a gun-totin', anti-abortion Bible-basher!)

    He's generally quite reasonable about most things so I was interested to see how he spun this.

    He starts out quoting Fox News, but don't hold that against him!


  9. I could have told you that, Geds. It's how I ended up reading the second Twilight novel.

  10. The snide comment about a "liberal church" is really quite predictable from RR: they more or less insist that everyone who posts there is a conservative Christian and much of what they say there involves how confidently they believe that the two are one in the same. Apparently there is a lot of crap coming from the mouth of pro-lifers right now about this, with Twitter and Free Republic being the two most commonly sources for the most hateful bile. They simply believe, so very very strongly that "abortion=murder" that they are completely unwilling to have any pity for the living, thinking, breathing human being with friends and family who was killed, because he "murdered babies". Even more sad is that they may actually have a point in comparison to their complaints about other abortionists, because the fetuses that he aborted weren't just first trimester to early second trimester who only have a circulatory system to their name, like is common. He actually performed late term abortions, on fetuses that could be accurately be argued to be sentient, viable, and worthy of some protections. Except, and this is the sad part of course, that most of these abortions were performed either due to dangers to the health of the mother possible in going through the birthing process, or due to problems with the fetus (though I assume the former is more common). They killed the man who performed the most extreme kinds of abortions, but also for a group that had the most justification for undergoing such an operation.
    It is tragic that such a thing happened. It is disgusting that politics has gotten in the way of people as recognizing it as a tragedy.

  11. "Only in America can you go to jail for killing a dog, yet killing an unborn child is justified"\

    um. the FUCK. look around, you insular twit. there are many countries that have outlawed abortion recently, and every single fucking country has ahd an influx of botched at home abortions, and every single country has cases of ectopic pregnancies - which have ZERO chacen of surviving, period, AND will almost definately kill the mother,,,

    stupid fucking people.

  12. also, i have posted rants ay LJ, my name is, shockingly, denelian!

  13. It's almost hilarious, but then you realise that its not a parody, not an exaggeration of these peoples' opinions. That's how they actually think. Then it gets scary and sad.


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