Saturday, June 6, 2009

These People Are Dangerous

vatican, swiss guard, crazy,
Whenever I see the Swiss Guard, I realize the Vatican is a really freakin' weird place. That's the Vatican military. Those men are dangerous. And dressed like a cross between an acid trip and a gay pride parade.


  1. Greg Malone is a comedian from Newfoundland who jokes about the papal revulsion at homosexuality. He then describes a day in the life of the Pope (wearing his effiminate finery, getting his ring kissed, etc.). It is priceless.

  2. Those guys are a riot. I would like to see a formation of guys in a gay pride parade in formation dressed in Swiss Guard finery!

  3. They are wearing uniforms designed by DaVinci if I remember correctly.
    Apparently he had a rockin' sense of humor.


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