Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Prolife, So You Must Die

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Peter Heck, guest columnist for OneNewsNow, offers us The Tiller Ironies, a compilation of illogic and irrationality that when viewed by Irony, immediately caused a massive brain hemmorhage. Congratulations, Mr. Heck, you killed Irony.

Though predictable, it was no less despicable. Just a day following the heinous murder of the country's foremost practitioner of infanticide ummm, the legal medical procedure known as abortion?, George Tiller, radical anti-human rights activists on the left yeah, that was me. i hate human rights. stop breathing! were already condemning the entire pro-life movement for facilitating the incident.

Left-wing websites like the Daily Kos blamed conservative commentators Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck for causing it, the Huffington Post deemed it a morally outrageous hypocrisy, and PBS's abortion fanatic what? she attended abortions with a big foam finger and a flag that said "we're number 1!"? Bonnie Erbe went so far as to characterize the entire pro-life movement as a breeding ground for domestic terrorists. Of course rational people you actually know rational people? oh, of course, the nice people at the psych ward. recognize that it borders on clinical insanity to rail about the moral outrage of killing a single human being while simultaneously defending and advocating the wholesale slaughter of millions of others. i don't consider a fetus to be equal to a living, breathing human being. jackass. And just to make sure that there is no confusion on this point, let's be clear on what Tiller did for a living. you mean help real women with real problems? probably not. look, just to be clear, all this crap about "frivolous" late term abortions is just that: crap. abortions past 20 weeks are heavily regulated. you can't get one just because you changed your mind about having a baby. you can only get a late term abortion because your life is in danger or the fetus is severely ill or has a genetic abnormality that will make life impossible.

I will skip the graphic, and possibly untrue, descriptions of late term abortions. you are welcome to read them if you wish.

Again, these are full-term, completely viable infants capable of living outside the womb with totally developed life systems no, they're not. they're babies with no brains (NSFW), babies with severe genetic disorders that offer only a brief, brutal life– including the ability to experience pain. In short, Tiller practiced infanticide no he practiced medicine– and the left defended it. the practice of medicine? yes. Hearing these leftists now lament the taking of human life is disgracefully stomach turning. you know what, when you can carry a fetus for 9 months that will die immediately after birth, you come talk to me about stomach turning.

Notice then the irony of the situation. The only people in a position to truly express outrage over Tiller's murder are those that the left is attempting to blame for it. But this is just one of the numerous twists surrounding this tragic situation. i see. so, if i'm prochoice, i can't be outraged about murder. apparently, if someone comes along and kills my entire family, Mr. Heck expects me to walk away humming a cheery tune.

And then we get something that is irony, but not for the reason Mr. Heck thinks it is.

For instance, consider this irony: those that claim to be outraged by Tiller's murder will be calling for a lighter penalty than those they condemn for causing it. When Tiller's murderer is brought to justice, it will be those of us who oppose abortion that will be demanding his execution. The intrinsic value of human life (which, paradoxically, Tiller assaulted) is so great that anyone who violates it forfeits his own right to live.

so, being prolife automatically means being pro death penalty? ummm . . . do you not see the contradiction there, buddy? really? "i hate murder so much, I'll kill over it" doesn't set off any bells for you?

Meanwhile, it will be those on the left who proudly defended Tiller's life work that will call for a softer sentence. They consider the death penalty barbaric and find pro-lifers who advocate capital punishment inconsistent. "You can't be pro-life and pro-death penalty!" they shout. yeah. you spent paragraphs excoriating Dr. Tiller as a murderer for his legal medical practice, but you're all about the death penalty?

Evidently to them, being pro-abortion and anti-death penalty is somehow better?! Is there anything more ethically offensive then those who defend the right to life for convicted, murderous felons, yet strip that right from innocent newborn babies? yeah, it's not abortion if the baby is born. that is infanticide. step back from the rhetoric and actually read what you're writing. It is astonishing that anyone can be so blinded by their own self-righteous pomposity it is awfully bright over here that they fail to see this blatant moral incongruity. and now you're stealing my lines.

It's also notably ironic that the same ideological movement that demands we not castigate all Muslims for the actions of a few is so quick to violate its own precepts when it comes to this issue. We aren't hearing the throngs of Hollywood activists shouting that "most pro-lifers are peaceful," or seeing Democratic congressmen thumping their chests while proclaiming that "revenge against the pro-life movement for the actions of this one radical will not be tolerated." first of all, leave the muslims out of it. they weren't involved. secondly, was somebody planning a war against prolifers? what "revenge against the prolife movement"? oh, noes, we're being mean to them, horribly mean! it's just like the war in Iraq!

Indeed, the ironies surrounding the murder of this murderer are plentiful to say the least. But perhaps the most tragic of them all is that in the end, George Tiller met a brutal demise at the hands of someone who exhibited a blatant disrespect for the intrinsic value of human life...a lesson that Tiller – with the left's blessing – dedicated his life to teaching.
I see. Dr. Tiller was responsible for Dr. Tiller's death. do you also ask rape victims what they were wearing, Mr. Heck?


  1. Do you even have to ask that last question? (Or was it mostly rhetorical?)

  2. I'm not sure if this guy really doesn't get that late term abortions are not whims, or if he does get it he doesn't care and choses to lead people into this insanity anyway.
    They make women who have to make this heartbreaking choice, who have to jump through hoops to do it, sound like heartless monsters.

  3. This was interesting...thanks for writing about it, it's a loaded subject for sure.


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