Saturday, June 27, 2009

Iranian Voices

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Arash Hejazi, the man who tried to save Neda, gave an interview to Paulo Coelho. The interview is well worth the watch, but it is the comments from Iranians that tug at my heart.

Sarah: (note: the blog is in Farsi, but the pictures are excellent)

dear paolo coelho

I agree with this opinion. but i think i live in backward country with this government, because majority of the people in Iran try to change a result of election but the government attention was not given to people protests and suppressed with force.this government only want to reach the power.thanks alot for sympathetic.I'm your fan in facebook. but facebook was filtered and i can't leave message for you.pleas don't alone us because we decide to go on Neda's way.I offer my thanks to Arash hejazi for this interview.

regards, Sarah from Iran

I can't imagine Sarah's life right now. I would agree that your government is backward, but the people of Iran are not. You are beautiful and brave.

dear sir

I really appreciate your help. thank you very much.

they closed most newspaper, sites and even they make satelite unreachable. shame on them
:( . we don't access to news. we just say "allho akbar" to show our resistance.

omid from iran

Shame on them, indeed, Omid. It's your voices we need to hear.

It makes me tear up to see comments from Iranians. I wonder if they are still alive as I write this. Are they well? Are they hurt? Are they scared? I hope Omid and Sarah are defiantly shouting "allho akbar" right this minute. I don't believe in god, but I do believe in the Iranians.


  1. I believe they will win in the end. Remember that the revolution that overthrew the Shah spanned several months before he finally fell. This will take time, but the mullahs will go down too.

    There have been persistent reports that many of the thugs the regime used to suppress the protests were foreigners -- Hezbollah, Palestinians, even Venezuelans -- because the mullahs cannot trust the army to shoot its own people if ordered to.

    Even as I type this, there are brave people in the regime's prisons being tortured to force them to name allies and associates. That's part of the reality of the situation.

    But that's all the theocracy has now: force and fear. As Boris Yeltsin said, "You can build a throne out of bayonets, but you can't sit on it for long."

  2. I went to Sarah's blog, she had the sadest story on it about a 5 year old, it brought tears to my eyes.

    I also saw the BBC interview, I really feel bad for them and in this day and age, things like this shouldn't still be happening.

  3. dear my friend

    i don't know your name,thanks alot supported me and iranian people in your blog,i hope we could reach to peace without murder and fight. please cross you fingers for us. thanks a million for your comment in my blog.
    with best wishes for you,sarah


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